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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I would like to measure noise spectra using the Spectrum Analyzer (i.e. Volts / root(Hz) ). That requires an RMS averaging in each frequency bin. Alternatively a power spectrum is also ok (it is the voltage spectrum squared (Volts^2 / Hz). I could not find any info on the averaging options in the Reference Manual. Linear averaging, such as in THD+N measurements will not give the right answer. Could you tell me if RMS or Power averaging is available? I would also appreciate a link to the documentation of the average function of the Spectrum Analyzer. Best Regards, Bjorn
  2. Hi, First of all I think an averaging option is what we really needed Thank you @attila Unfortunately the option is not available when triggering from source other than Channel 1/2. I think the option should be available in all triggering modes - user have to be aware what can cause averaging with selected trigger option, and have an ability to turn it on or off - not having restricted access. (for example triggering one AD2 form CH1, then triggering second AD2 using external trigger - I have no ability to run averaging on second AD2...) @attila- is there something that can be done in future releases? Or is there a trick to have averaging with these trigger options? Kind regards, PR
  3. Hi, I am using Waveforms 2015 with Analog Discovery 2. I cannot locate a function to average waveforms form Scope collected after subsequent triggers. In normal scope we can display average of selected numbers of waveforms. In WaveFroms2015 data is being stored in buffers, so is there any simple method using original software (or Math channel script) to display average of selected number of buffers? Such function is available for example in Spectrum analyser Kind regards Peter