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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a FPGA rookie programmer and I have recently bought an Arty Z7-20 board for a university project. I intended to write a simple RTL HDMI transmitter with TMDS encoder. However, I found difficulties in implementing the design on the target FPGA, although all simulations I run on Vivado stated the correct top-module behavior. I also tried to implement the Diglilent official HDMI out demo for Z7-20 package but it did not work neither. Any suggestions ? I am sharing all my project's files attached to this post. Thanks in advance to everyone which will provide any help. P.S
  2. I have UART1 enabled on MIO 48() 49(). I can't figure out where these pins are on the board. Please help me out in finding the relevant part from the documentation. Attached is the screenshot from schematic found at: - Any help is highly appreciated. Its my first post.
  3. Hello Digilent team, I was able to integrate the bare metal HDMI out on Arty-Z7-20 thanks to your demo from here: I wonder if you have any plan to make a petalinux version for it with HDMI output integrated on Xilinx toolchain v2020.1? If not yet, do you know where can I start? I don't see documents from Xilinx developing from scratch like this. I found a similar post here but for v2017.v: Looking forward for your advices. Thanks and best regards,
  4. Hello , I am using VIVADO 2018.2 HLx editions (Windows) Do you have the steps required program the Digilent ARTY Z7 -20 SPI flash with a standalone FPGA design? I have followed a number of web examples that claim to show the route to follow none of which work. They are either incomplete or for the wrong version of ARTY , VIVADO and SDK. Thanks
  5. Dear All, Me and a colleague of mine are facing an SPI timeout issue on a Zynq. We already posted the issue in the Xilinx forum: but we did not receive any answer, yet. So I would like to ask your help. I am trying to use a TFT LCD screen with the Digilent Artyz7, exploiting the frame buffer. I created a project on Vivado that exports the Zynq PS SPI interface through EMIO. I have already deployed the linux-digilent kernel (v4.4.0) on the Zynq and I am able to see the SPI peripheral under /sys/class/spi
  6. Hi all, I started playing around with an Arty Z7 board and downloaded the hdmi out demo. As a first test, I used the bitfile from the SDK and loaded into the FPGA with the Xilinx SDK 2017.3. I guess with the provided bitfile, SDK version does not matter... JTAG jumper set. FPGA configured successfully I used the SDK terminal to connect to serial port but still do not get any output like depicted in Also I do not get any signal on my display through HDMI cable. What am I do