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Found 9 results

  1. Good Afternoon Sir, We have an Arty A7-35T. Our board is not powering up properly. The issue is the Board is not powering up when connected to PC but does when connected to a Power Brick(Power Adapter). To be more specific the Power Good LED on the FPGA (LD11) keeps blinking when connected to the PC but works fine when connected to an Power brick(Power Adapter). We tried all the possible troubleshooting like try changing the cable, PC but the result is the same. Where could the issue be? Is it possible to rectify? We request you please as
  2. Hi, I followed the example for the spi srec loader. My vhdl/hardware design has many peripherals. The example implies the same hardware design. Could a smaller hardware design (footprint) be implemented for the bootloader? Or is the same hardware design is used for all microblaze apps? Rob
  3. Hello, I am using Arty7 board and I am strugglling with DDR3 RAM in Microblaze. I added to my design UART core Mig7 series core. Also, I have data set to write the DDR3 RAM after writing operation I will read these data set. Unfortunately, I couldnt upload into the DDR3 ram that data set. How can handle with thise issue? Can you help me?
  4. Hi, I am having a problem with GPIO interrtupt on Arty A7 board. + 2 GPIO with each of them is dual channel. + INTC instance to connect the interrtup with Microblaze. After I used below software, I can not see the interrupt. Would you please tell me how to debug in next step ? Sorry, I am new to SDK and Arty A7. I want to connect the switch or button as interrupt, and do some task inside a handler. I want to clarify below of my understanding, whether it is correct or not: 1. hardware: - Enable register access in INTC to make the software
  5. Hello everyone, I am facing a problem create an instant of the PLL I setup from the Clocking Wizard. My goal is to provide my PWM module a much faster clock than the 100MHz one. I am extremely new on verilog programming (I know nothing of this stuff yet lol). My current code throw my 16 errors code that I know absolutely nothing about. Any helps on this would be greatly appreciate. Thank you reading P/s: The below text is my top module. module top( input CLK, input fastClk, output pwm_out1, output pwm_out2, output pwm_out3, wire rst,
  6. Hello, I'm trying to build this demo: and I have error while generating project (after run in console "source ./create_project.tcl") WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-2406] Cannot identify part xc7k325tffg900-2 ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-2232] Current project options are not valid, cannot get 'PROJECT_PARAM.PART' Please help Any idea why it happens? I have: Windows 8.1 Vivado 2016.4 HLx WebPACK
  7. I'm trying to run the HDMI-in and HDMI-out demos on my ARTY Z7 board and I'm having problems building the SDK side of the projects. The problems are the same for both of these projects. After importing the project in the SDK I get the following error: 09:07:45 ERROR : The Hardware Project referenced by this BSP (hdmi_in_bsp) was not found in this workspace. As a result, this BSP will not build properly. To fix this error, please import the associated hardware project or recreate a new BSP targeting an existing hardware platform. Upon building the project I get the following errors (so
  8. Hi All, I have been working through the Arty - Getting Started with Microblaze project in the resource folder with the Artix-7 FPGA Development Board. When I get to step 11.2 Program the FPGA I get the following message Program FPGA failed Reason: Could not find FPGA device on the board for connection 'Local'. I have been stuck here for the last couple week and have tried several times to track down the connection issue. So far no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don
  9. am using the ARTY 7 evaluation board from digilent which used the Artix-7 x35AT cpg324 packaging. Using one of the general purpose I/O banks i want to configure it for 1.8V configuration. (I am using this for 3-wire SPI to generate the spi clock and read the output from my ADC which are at 1.8V) I looked through the documentation to configure this on the board and after going through all the relevant documents i am still unable to configure the I/O to LVCMOS18 standard. Here is the table which mentions how to configure the files And here is how i have configured in the XDC