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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I am new to Vivado platform / Digilent's Arty board. I am trying to get Microblaze to work with Axi timer to trigger interrupt at a certain rate. The image below shows the overall architecture. The board is successfully talking via UART and I can print on Terminal. I compiled the code below and no error came up; I ran the program but the interrupt is not triggered at all. #include <stdio.h> #include "platform.h" #include "xil_printf.h" #include "xintc.h" #include "xtmrctr.h" #include "xparameters.h" #include "xil_exception.h" #include "xstatus.h" XTmrCtr TimerCounterInst; XIntc InterruptController; #define TMRCTR_DEVICE_ID XPAR_TMRCTR_0_DEVICE_ID #define INTC_DEVICE_ID XPAR_INTC_0_DEVICE_ID #define TMRCTR_INTERRUPT_ID XPAR_INTC_0_TMRCTR_0_VEC_ID #define TIMER_CNTR_0 0 #define RESET_VALUE 500000 void TimerCounterHandler(void *CallBackRef, u8 TmrCtrNumber); //static int count = 0; volatile int TimerExpired; int main() { /* Initialization */ XStatus status; // 1. Platform init_platform(); print("Platform initialized \r\n"); // 2. Timer Counter status = XTmrCtr_Initialize(&TimerCounterInst, TMRCTR_DEVICE_ID); if (status != XST_SUCCESS){ print("Timer counter initialization failed \r\n"); return status; } print("Timer counter initialized \r\n"); // 3. Interrupt status = XIntc_Initialize(&InterruptController, INTC_DEVICE_ID); print("Interrupt initialized \r\n"); status = XIntc_Connect(&InterruptController, TMRCTR_INTERRUPT_ID, (XInterruptHandler)XTmrCtr_InterruptHandler, (void *)&TimerCounterInst); if (status != XST_SUCCESS){ print("Interrupt connect failed \r\n"); return status; } print("Interrupt set up \r\n"); // 4. Interrupt Start status = XIntc_Start(&InterruptController, XIN_REAL_MODE); if (status != XST_SUCCESS){ print("Interrupt start failed \r\n"); return status; } XIntc_Enable(&InterruptController, TMRCTR_INTERRUPT_ID); Xil_ExceptionInit(); Xil_ExceptionRegisterHandler(XIL_EXCEPTION_ID_INT, (Xil_ExceptionHandler)XIntc_InterruptHandler, &InterruptController); Xil_ExceptionEnable(); // 6. Timer Counter Handler XTmrCtr_SetHandler(&TimerCounterInst, TimerCounterHandler, &TimerCounterInst); print("Timer counter handler set \r\n"); // 7. Timer Options XTmrCtr_SetOptions(&TimerCounterInst, TIMER_CNTR_0, XTC_INT_MODE_OPTION | XTC_AUTO_RELOAD_OPTION); print("Timer options set \r\n"); XTmrCtr_SetResetValue(&TimerCounterInst, TIMER_CNTR_0, RESET_VALUE); print("Timer reset value set \r\n"); // 8. Timer Start XTmrCtr_Start(&TimerCounterInst, TIMER_CNTR_0); print("Timer start \r\n"); print("ALL PASS \r\n"); while(1){ //DO NOTHING FOR NOW } cleanup_platform(); return 0; } void TimerCounterHandler(void *CallBackRef, u8 TmrCtrNumber){ XTmrCtr *InstancePtr = (XTmrCtr *)CallBackRef; print("IN TIMER\r\n"); if (XTmrCtr_IsExpired(InstancePtr, TmrCtrNumber)){ print("Expired\r\n"); } } But when I ran the self test after initialization of XTmrCtr, it actually does not pass the test with a status of 1 (which is indicated as failure in xstatus.h as #define XST_FAILURE 1L) status = XTmrCtr_SelfTest(&TimerCounterInst, TMRCTR_DEVICE_ID); if (status != XST_SUCCESS) { xil_printf("Timer self-test failed: %d \r\n", status); return XST_FAILURE; } print("Timer self-test pass \r\n"); If I understand correctly, the self-test is to check if the hardware is set up correctly. I don't know where in the block design side is wrong. I am using following setup: 1. Clock wizard with 166.667 MHz and 200MHz 2. DDR3 SDRAM that takes in 166.667MHz as sys_clk and 200MHz as ref_clk 3. Microblaze with a separate clock [mig_7series/ui_clk (83MHz)] 4. UARTlite (interrupt connected to axi_intc via microblaze_0_xlconcat) 5. Axi Timer (interrupt connected to axi_intc via microblaze_0_xlconcat) I would appreciate your help! Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone. I need to know the part number of the J10 USB UART connector integrated in ARTY-7 board. Best regards.