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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am new to the FPGA world and have just purchased an Arty dev kit from Farnell. I received a rev C Arty, which I thought was the current revision, only to find when I got started that it is an older board that has since been replaced by the Arty A7 rev E. My question is, is the Arty rev C "Arty-Master.xdc" file (which actually says Rev B on the first line!) compatible with the current Vivado 2020.1 build? If not, which XDC file(s) should I be using? The reason I ask is that I've been trying to include the DDR3 block from the board package but Vivado throws a couple of errors and doesn't add the block correctly. In fact it looks as though it reverts the block to an undefined MIG7. The errors I get - This is all happening while running through the Microblaze demo from the website. Any help would be gratefully received. Regards Tim
  2. I'm trying to compile the Xilinx example file for the MIG generated DDR3 controller in Vivado 2015.4. I used the .ucf file to generate the controller just fine. But when I look at the .xdc file, I don't see the DDR3 pins. I see all the other interfaces I believe, except for the DDR3. Won't this prevent a design that uses the DDR3 from compiling?