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Found 5 results

  1. Good afternoon. I was hoping to learn what the operation temperatures would be for the Arty A7-100 and the Arty A7-35. I am looking for a board that is able to withstand high temperatures (>40C) with some insulation. Thank you for your time
  2. Hi, I have a big problem, since my card doesn't work, I don't know what happened, my order is Order # 94336. You cannot use the laboratories and please I need your help urgently, since it is up to this to approve the subject. I showed the card to the teacher last night and the connection via USB and JP13 port and does not turn on. The need urgently since I must deliver laboratories and the final project, he waited so much for it and I do not understand what happens. I have connected it in every possible way and it does not turn me on. It's a shame because I urgently need to
  3. Hello, I am dealing with Vivado Ip cores. I want to design SPı interfaces by using AXI QUAD SPI in microblaze. Unfortunately, when I designed my cores and when I generated bitstream Imy designed failed. Also I added DDR3 because I tought that maybe Microblaze caches are not enough for SPI. Before the generating bitstream I get these critical warning in the validation session. When I ignore these warning as we know that my block designs failed. Can you help me this issue? I am really dealing with with it . I would really appreciate it.
  4. Hello, I bought an Arty A7-35T a few months ago. I'm a student in computer science, who wanted to gain some experience in hardware design. I never had any issues with the Arty until a few days ago, where I was experimenting with some configurations involving MicroBlaze and the onboard DDR3. As I was running some code on the MicroBlaze, I noticed that the FPGA chip had become very hot. I figured that this was normal, considering that there is a whole soft processor programmed in the fabric. However, when I unplugged the Arty and re-programmed it with a different, much simpler configuration
  5. I am working on my biggest FPGA project as of so far. Ive previously completed USB RXD/TXD serial com FTDI, VGAPMOD graphics, BRAM circuits, Mouse/KB circuits, and of course LOGIC/PROCESSING. Now im embarking upon interfacing a Raspberry PI zero GPIO to ARTY PMOD connectors. The GOAL is that the PI will become a slave unit to the FPGA where RPI0 USB 2.0 devices, RAM, HDMI Graphics/Sound, and processing will be entirely controlled by the FPGA ARTY Board. Im planning on 1) 8/16bit INPUT BUS to the RPI0 and 1) 8/16bit OUTPUT BUS from the RPI0 with data on/off bus interrupt signals. FPG