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Found 6 results

  1. JavierS

    Anvyl board repair

    Hello. I have an Anvyl board bought one year ago. I was learning FPGAs programming with this board but after a test it i didn't use the board maybe couple weeks, and when i wish to continue with the learning it is not working more. I suspect that it had a damage during an electric storm. I tried to measure the main voltages (3.3V, 1.8V and 1.2V) but any neither working. It seems that the IC23 (1.8V supply for the core) is damaged because it heats up when connecte to the 5 V power supply. I extracted from the PCB, but I do not have the other voltages either. Could you help me to find the failure or could you recomended how to repaired it Thank you for the help.
  2. Does anyone have the project for the initial project containing all peripheral interfacing?
  3. Good Day, I looked on the forum to see if this question was answered. While I saw hints to the answer, it wasn't clear. If this is a repeat, my apologies. I just purchased one of the Anvyl boards during the end of year sale. While I have ISE and Vivado both installed, I generally use Vivado only now for my Nexys4 DDR and ZedBoard, If possible, I'd like to use Vivado for designs on the Anvyl. Is this possible? If so, are their any Vivado board files available for this board (I searched but couldn't find any), or is it just a matter of me configuring the right FPGA and converting the info in the UCF file to a set of Vivado constraints? Thanks, Dave
  4. qim.le

    about Anvyl FPGA board

    Hi all, I am going to order a FPGA development board. So far I am considering Anvyl Spartan-6. I mainly use it to generate some pulse at the sequence at the time interval of 2ns or lower. I found that Spartan-6 has the frequency of about 500MHz, but is that just the maximum frequency that I may have? After considering all other elements in the board, the actual frequency will be lower than that? The second question on that board is if that support labview programming? Can I control the FPGA directly from labview platform? Thanks.
  5. I would like to program the SPI Flash on the Anvyl board. I was able to generate a .mcs file. I think I need to use Xilinx Impact SW, because the SPI flash is not listed in Adept. Is this correct? Can I use the onboard USB to JTAG circuit (J12) together with Impact, or do I have to buy a Xilinx Jtag cable?
  6. kajol hajagulkar

    lcd code

    how we can write program to display string on lcd in anvyl xclx45 FPGA?