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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to play a sine wave 2KHz with 64KHz sampling rate using the AMP3 PMODule. I can see a 2Khz output on headphone jacks but it is basically a square wave and is hitting the rails. I've tried scaling down the samples but still cannot get a clean sine wave output. My sine wave generation works fine on the older i2s DAC PMODule. I'm using standalone mode, external MCLK (16.384Mhz) 256x multiplier (sample rate at 64K) and standard i2s. I get similar results when using BCLK as MCLK. here is an example of the 16 bit values I'm transmitting over i2s static const uint16_t sinTable[] = { 0x0000, 0x00c9, 0x0192, 0x025b, 0x0324, 0x03ed, 0x04b6, 0x057f, 0x0648, 0x0711, 0x07d9, 0x08a2, 0x096a, 0x0a33, 0x0afb, 0x0bc4, 0x0c8c, 0x0d54, 0x0e1c, 0x0ee3, 0x0fab, 0x1072, 0x113a, 0x1201, 0x12c8, 0x138f, 0x1455, 0x151c, 0x15e2, 0x16a8, 0x176e, 0x1833, 0x18f9, 0x19be, 0x1a82, 0x1b47, 0x1c0b, 0x1ccf, 0x1d93, 0x1e57, 0x1f1a, 0x1fdd, 0x209f, 0x2161, 0x2223, 0x22e5, 0x23a6, 0x2467, 0x2528, 0x25e8, 0x26a8, 0x2767, 0x2826, 0x28e5, 0x29a3, 0x2a61, 0x2b1f, 0x2bdc, 0x2c99, 0x2d55, 0x2e11, 0x2ecc, 0x2f87, 0x3041, 0x30fb, 0x31b5, 0x326e, 0x3326, 0x33df, 0x3496, 0x354d, 0x3604, 0x36ba, 0x376f, 0x3824, 0x38d9, 0x398c, 0x3a40, 0x3af2, 0x3ba5, 0x3c56, 0x3d07, 0x3db8, 0x3e68, 0x3f17, 0x3fc5, 0x4073, 0x4121, 0x41ce, 0x427a, 0x4325, 0x43d0, 0x447a, 0x4524, 0x45cd, 0x4675, 0x471c, 0x47c3, 0x4869, 0x490f, 0x49b4, 0x4a58, 0x4afb, 0x4b9d, 0x4c3f, 0x4ce0, 0x4d81, 0x4e20, 0x4ebf, 0x4f5d, 0x4ffb, 0x5097, 0x5133, 0x51ce, 0x5268, 0x5302, 0x539b, 0x5432, 0x54c9, 0x5560, 0x55f5, 0x568a, 0x571d, 0x57b0, 0x5842, 0x58d3, 0x5964, 0x59f3, 0x5a82, 0x5b0f, 0x5b9c, 0x5c28, 0x5cb3, 0x5d3e, 0x5dc7, 0x5e4f, 0x5ed7, 0x5f5d, 0x5fe3, 0x6068, 0x60eb, 0x616e, 0x61f0, 0x6271, 0x62f1, 0x6370, 0x63ee, 0x646c, 0x64e8, 0x6563, 0x65dd, 0x6656, 0x66cf, 0x6746, 0x67bc, 0x6832, 0x68a6, 0x6919, 0x698b, 0x69fd, 0x6a6d, 0x6adc, 0x6b4a, 0x6bb7, 0x6c23, 0x6c8e, 0x6cf8, 0x6d61, 0x6dc9, 0x6e30, 0x6e96, 0x6efb, 0x6f5e, 0x6fc1, 0x7022, 0x7083, 0x70e2, 0x7140, 0x719d, 0x71f9, 0x7254, 0x72ae, 0x7307, 0x735e, 0x73b5, 0x740a, 0x745f, 0x74b2, 0x7504, 0x7555, 0x75a5, 0x75f3, 0x7641, 0x768d, 0x76d8, 0x7722, 0x776b, 0x77b3, 0x77fa, 0x783f, 0x7884, 0x78c7, 0x7909, 0x794a, 0x7989, 0x79c8, 0x7a05, 0x7a41, 0x7a7c, 0x7ab6, 0x7aee, 0x7b26, 0x7b5c, 0x7b91, 0x7bc5, 0x7bf8, 0x7c29, 0x7c59, 0x7c88, 0x7cb6, 0x7ce3, 0x7d0e, 0x7d39, 0x7d62, 0x7d89, 0x7db0, 0x7dd5, 0x7dfa, 0x7e1d, 0x7e3e, 0x7e5f, 0x7e7e, 0x7e9c, 0x7eb9, 0x7ed5, 0x7eef, 0x7f09, 0x7f21, 0x7f37, 0x7f4d, 0x7f61, 0x7f74, 0x7f86, 0x7f97, 0x7fa6, 0x7fb4, 0x7fc1, 0x7fcd, 0x7fd8, 0x7fe1, 0x7fe9, 0x7ff0, 0x7ff5, 0x7ff9, 0x7ffd, 0x7ffe, 0x7fff, 0x7ffe, 0x7ffd, 0x7ff9, 0x7ff5, 0x7ff0, 0x7fe9, 0x7fe1, 0x7fd8, 0x7fcd, 0x7fc1, 0x7fb4, 0x7fa6, 0x7f97, 0x7f86, 0x7f74, 0x7f61, 0x7f4d, 0x7f37, 0x7f21, 0x7f09, 0x7eef, 0x7ed5, 0x7eb9, 0x7e9c, 0x7e7e, 0x7e5f, 0x7e3e, 0x7e1d, 0x7dfa, 0x7dd5, 0x7db0, 0x7d89, 0x7d62, 0x7d39, 0x7d0e, 0x7ce3, 0x7cb6, 0x7c88, 0x7c59, 0x7c29, 0x7bf8, 0x7bc5, 0x7b91, 0x7b5c, 0x7b26, 0x7aee, 0x7ab6, 0x7a7c, 0x7a41, 0x7a05, 0x79c8, 0x7989, 0x794a, 0x7909, 0x78c7, 0x7884, 0x783f, 0x77fa, 0x77b3, 0x776b, 0x7722, 0x76d8, 0x768d, 0x7641, 0x75f3, 0x75a5, 0x7555, 0x7504, 0x74b2, 0x745f, 0x740a, 0x73b5, 0x735e, 0x7307, 0x72ae, 0x7254, 0x71f9, 0x719d, 0x7140, 0x70e2, 0x7083, 0x7022, 0x6fc1, 0x6f5e, 0x6efb, 0x6e96, 0x6e30, 0x6dc9, 0x6d61, 0x6cf8, 0x6c8e, 0x6c23, 0x6bb7, 0x6b4a, 0x6adc, 0x6a6d, 0x69fd, 0x698b, 0x6919, 0x68a6, 0x6832, 0x67bc, 0x6746, 0x66cf, 0x6656, 0x65dd, 0x6563, 0x64e8, 0x646c, 0x63ee, 0x6370, 0x62f1, 0x6271, 0x61f0, 0x616e, 0x60eb, 0x6068, 0x5fe3, 0x5f5d, 0x5ed7, 0x5e4f, 0x5dc7, 0x5d3e, 0x5cb3, 0x5c28, 0x5b9c, 0x5b0f, 0x5a82, 0x59f3, 0x5964, 0x58d3, 0x5842, 0x57b0, 0x571d, 0x568a, 0x55f5, 0x5560, 0x54c9, 0x5432, 0x539b, 0x5302, 0x5268, 0x51ce, 0x5133, 0x5097, 0x4ffb, 0x4f5d, 0x4ebf, 0x4e20, 0x4d81, 0x4ce0, 0x4c3f, 0x4b9d, 0x4afb, 0x4a58, 0x49b4, 0x490f, 0x4869, 0x47c3, 0x471c, 0x4675, 0x45cd, 0x4524, 0x447a, 0x43d0, 0x4325, 0x427a, 0x41ce, 0x4121, 0x4073, 0x3fc5, 0x3f17, 0x3e68, 0x3db8, 0x3d07, 0x3c56, 0x3ba5, 0x3af2, 0x3a40, 0x398c, 0x38d9, 0x3824, 0x376f, 0x36ba, 0x3604, 0x354d, 0x3496, 0x33df, 0x3326, 0x326e, 0x31b5, 0x30fb, 0x3041, 0x2f87, 0x2ecc, 0x2e11, 0x2d55, 0x2c99, 0x2bdc, 0x2b1f, 0x2a61, 0x29a3, 0x28e5, 0x2826, 0x2767, 0x26a8, 0x25e8, 0x2528, 0x2467, 0x23a6, 0x22e5, 0x2223, 0x2161, 0x209f, 0x1fdd, 0x1f1a, 0x1e57, 0x1d93, 0x1ccf, 0x1c0b, 0x1b47, 0x1a82, 0x19be, 0x18f9, 0x1833, 0x176e, 0x16a8, 0x15e2, 0x151c, 0x1455, 0x138f, 0x12c8, 0x1201, 0x113a, 0x1072, 0x0fab, 0x0ee3, 0x0e1c, 0x0d54, 0x0c8c, 0x0bc4, 0x0afb, 0x0a33, 0x096a, 0x08a2, 0x07d9, 0x0711, 0x0648, 0x057f, 0x04b6, 0x03ed, 0x0324, 0x025b, 0x0192, 0x00c9, };