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  1. We are using AD2 on custom design imx6 based microcontroller. The controller has only 2 USB ports & we are using a USB switching IC to switch between multiple devices. The device performs well as long as we are not switching the USB port, but when switching is performed the device stops collecting data. The USB switching action is equivalent of disconnecting & reconnecting USB cable. We are using Python for our application. Here's the code. What can be the possible error.
  2. I'm calculating and recording power through a load based on voltage and current measured on C1 and C2 of my Analog Discovery 2 scope, at 4kHz, for about an hour. Next to this I would like to log the temperature of the same load, or which the data is supplied through a UART. Would it be possible to visualize both these measurements in the same plot using a script? Perhaps by writing to a reference or math channel? We would have to be able to see all the values and plots live. Thanks! David
  3. Hi With the waveforms tool is it possible using python scripting in the Waveforms platform to do the following ?? Use the Digilent Analogue discovery 2 - Attach a device like a PMOD device eg accelerometer using the Analogue discovery 2 ability to chat SPI & IC2 - pmod DEVICES SUPPORT 12-pin Pmod connector with SPI interface and 2×4-pin I²C interface - Then using the read information from the PMOD device treat it like an extra oscilloscope channel . Either as a Analog channel
  4. I am trying to use the power supply and I keepy getting this message for V+. V- works just fine by itself. I have tried: reconnecting the Analog Discover 2 restarting my laptop disconnecting every cable and running the AD2 by itself connecting the auxillary supply Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, I am trying to plot the sine wave of frequency 100 Hz and 500mV amplitude, but the waves in the scope are not reflecting it. I have also observed that the measurements for the frequency is also exceeding the 100 Hz. I would really appreciate if anyone can explain this concept.
  6. Hi all hope you are all doing well. I need to use the SDK and measure all this measurements but apparently there are no functions to calculate for example AC RMS values to call. do i need to come up with my formula or is there any function that can return all the following values ? thank you.
  7. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to receive a trigger on a Analog-In Channel to be followed by a Generated Signal on an Analog Out Channel after a specified time, and this needs to be repeated numerous times. How accurate can this specified time and how consistent can it be? Are there any built in functions that can get this accomplished. I have seen many references to the defined Wait functionality, which can accomplish this expected behavior, however the wait time varies and there is an approximate ~17ms delay. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, I have an Analog Discovery 2 that has had an issue on Channel 2 of its oscilloscope for a few months now. Essentially, the channel measures around -25 V at all times, whether it is floating, grounded, shorted, connected to the BNC adapter board, etc. I have not used it in any high-voltage applications or scenarios. I have attempted to manually recalibrate the oscilloscope, but I get an error when I do so telling me the voltage on Channel 2 is between -2.7418 and -2.7412 V but it should be around 0 V. I've attached a screenshot of this error below. Note that I did calib
  9. Hi all, I have a question about AD2 immediate sampling data output. I am doing a university project which needs AD2 to do analog signal measurement on LabVIEW. AD2 measures a signal with 12.8 KHz sampling frequency. I am wondering if I can get the immediate measured data without sample lost? Thanks!
  10. To have a better FFT resolution we want to reduce the sample rate to around 1Msps either in AD2 or Openscope, can we replace the main clock or have other option to accomplish it? Thanks
  11. We're excited about using the AD2 for a whole bunch of courses in our college as we teach online for the foreseeable future. One useful feature would be if we could get the raw A to D data from the scope channels so we can use them in LabVIEW. At this point, niVB_MSO_ReadAnalogDigitalU64 provides the voltages, all cleaned up, instead. Is there another dwf that provides the raw data, or could this feature be added to the next revision? At this point, I'm taking the voltage and converting it back to a step count using the step size, but we'd be just a bit more accurate if we had the raw
  12. Hello, I see in the manual that the WG has + and - supplies, though the supplies are limited to 5V. Is it possible to use both WG outputs in sync to do a ramp from -5 to +5V? I want to do a 0-10V sweep.
  13. Hi Attila, A year ago exactly (I really coincidentally just decided to send you this exactly 1 year from when it was posted ... go figure!!!) you posted the following: Posted September 30, 2019 Hi @iDetect Soon you may find devices at Digilent better suited for your needs. I'm planning to add support for lower latency captures with Analog Discovery, but it will take some time to implement it. Thank you for your post. Such feedback/requests direct the soft/hardware developments. Wondering if there is any news in this 'lower latency' realm? I have an appli
  14. Hi I am new with AD2 and love using is so far. I need to create a measurement script to measure the time between minimum and max values. rise time function does not work correctly for my application for some reason. thank you in advance. thanks
  15. Hello, I see in the specs that the max buffer size is over 16k points, but it seems that I can only get 8192 samples from this code. "FDwfAnalogInBufferSizeInfo" returns 8192. How can I get the 16k samples? I would like to get 16k samples for each ADC channel. I am using the Analog Discovery 2. Thanks! int main(int carg, char **szarg) { HDWF hdwf; STS sts; double* rgdSamples; int cSamples; int cChannel; char szError[512] = { 0 }; int channum = 0; cout << "hello world!"; remove("ADC_results.txt"); print
  16. I am using the AD2 on LabVIEW with dwf.dll. I am using the I2C interface on DIO bits 0 and 1 and the positive power supply. I have configured everything based on the python example code. When I set the power supply and write the I2C data, several other DIO bits go high even though they are not configured in this program. I have auto configuration enabled. I can do the same thing in WaveForms and it works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  17. Hi. I have troubles using the trigger functions in the SDK to align the recording of a signal with the pattern generator (DigitalOut Instrument on AD2). What I want to do is essentially, using the SDK in a python script is: - I record a signal from the AWG on the AD2 I am sending through an analog circuit using two multiplexers. - I control the multiplexers with the digitalOut instrument on the AD2. - I want to align the starting point of the digitalOut-pattern and the starting point of the AnalogIn acquisition (record-mode, int16 data) As far as I understand from th
  18. I am trying to get my Analog Discovery 2 to work with NI LabVIEW 2019. I've searched around and most of the info I see calls for LabVIEW 2014, so it is not clear to me if it does or does not. I have installed the AD2 Toolkit and the Digilent WaveForms VIs. My problem is what is the "Device Name" that need to be entered? I see the AD2 with the WaveForm 3.13.10 x64 using Windows 10 and full LabVIEW 2019 x32. Thanks for shedding any light on the situation. JoeD
  19. I've been trying to learn how to use the AD2 Logic Analyser. I got it to work with Serial.println("Hello world!"). I've learned that the Base: selection is critical to capturing the data. If you get it wrong, you get Framing Errors and the wrong characters. Now I am trying to use the Logic Analyser with an Arduino Uno running a clock/date ino that displays on a 16x2 LCD. I do not have the LCD connected, but when I wrote the program it was and it worked perfectly. I have also tried an ino that displays Hello World on the top line of the LCD. My connection is described below. I h
  20. I just purchased the Analog Discovery 2 and ran through the calibration procedure with no problems. My question is the calibration adjustment reside in the the AD2 or as a file on the computer I ran the calibration on? If it is stored within the AD2 than that should allow me to move it to another computer or must I recal it if I plug it in to another computer. Thanks for any calcification. JoeD
  21. Hi Allita My Analog Discovery AD2 crashes waveforms when I plug in a external +5V psu. My PSU has cable has the deminsions 5V DC voltage supply with at least 3A max current, Outer diameter 5.5 mm and inner pin 2.1mm diameter positive inner pin = 5v Outer case =0 V DC plug connected up as shown the in above photo. This solutions complies to the hand book rules here Normally my Analog Discovery AD2 when just powered by the USB cable works fine without any is
  22. Hi Digilent AD2 Team, I have a simple question, for which I don't find an quick answer. I want to measure the waveform of a the mains voltage 11VAC using the oscilloscope of the AD2. What is the best way, to achieve this? Thanks for your help and with best greetings, Lars
  23. Analogue Discovery 2 Hi Firstly I would like to say what great product the Analogue Discovery 2 is, I have used it for 8 months to develop a product. It is by far the best PC scope that , I have used. Far better than a PICOSCOPE from the UK company PICOSCOPE or any of the Chinese PC scope knock offs. Analogue Discovery 2 is a serious peice of professional kit and not a toy. This a summary of all
  24. Hi, I would like to measure control loop gain of DC-DC converter using AD2 network analyzer. Is it possible to add a digital filter to input channels of AD2 and measure gain and phase shift after digital filtering?