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Found 1 result

  1. I have a question (not surprisingly) about the stepper motor that comes in the chipKIT Starter Kit (28BYJ48A). I know that I'm supposed to pulse the four lines to make the electromagnets "turn on" in such a way to make the motor turn one way or the other. I did so by driving various I/O pins on the chipKIT uC32 high and low and got it to rotate, but it seems I can only get it to rotate up to a maximum speed of ~12 revolutions/min, since any shorter delay than 3 ms between driving the magnets high/low seems to make the electromagnets shift around faster than the motor can keep up. My other question (which I'm honestly more curious about) is what the 5th wire for on the header for the stepper motor? According to this website, that wire should be hooked up to a 5V line, but when I hook that line up to 5V (or 3.3V or ground) the motor shaft stops rotating; I'm only getting it to rotate when that 5th line (the red one) is floating. So... should I be seeing this? Thanks, James P.S. How would I hook up this 5 pin header to the PmodSTEP? The PmodSTEP only has 4 and 6 pin headers so the 5-pin header from the stepper motor physically doesn't fit.