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Found 10 results

  1. Can somebody help me to do ethernet communication between pc and my nexys 3 board, i didnt get any idea of using the ip core...
  2. Hello, I have a PmodOLED connected to Nexys 3 board and so far I was able to display ASCII characters by using either the VHDL example code provided by Digilent or the code from Mr. Y.Borrnat from here. I would like to display bitmap graphics. Could you guide me a little? Is it possible to do that by altering one of the codes mentioned? PS: I found a video unfortunatelly without any comments, so I mean something like that or draw a chart perhaps. Thank you.
  3. Good day everyone! I need help on programming the Nexys 3 using a USB memory stick. Here is what I tried so far: 1. Save a single .bit file to a USB memory stick. I have tried my own .bit files as well as the Digilent's Built-In Self Test. I have also tried two USB flash drives. 2. Connect two jumpers on the mode switches. I have also tried none and mode 0 only. 3. I then attached the USB flash drive to the Nexys 3 and press the reset button. But unfortunately the bit file does not get programmed to the FPGA. The <busy> LED beside the USB port on the Nexys 3 is forever blinking at a slow rate. Does anyone tried configuring the Nexys 3 using a USB flash drive? Thank you. Note: I tried it on another Nexys 3 board but also fails to load the bit file. Regards, Nico C.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been working with the Nexys 3 board for a while and I would like to take the advantages of the PIC24 (for computing data or acquiring analog signal though the unmounted connector). Before trying to develop a test program, I would like to save the factory program to be able to recover his inital functions (USB to PS/2). Could the .hex file be shared ? Thanks in advance, Naipsys.
  5. Hi folks, My current setup is Opensuse Tumbleweed, I am running Windows 10 under Virtualbox. Xilinx ISE / Impact runs fine under Linux, the Adept plugin recognizes Nexys 3 and the Adept utilities run fine: $ djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: Nexys3 Product Name: Nexys3 User Name: Nexys3 Serial Number: 210182477273 $ djtgcfg -d Nexys3 init Initializing scan chain... Found Device ID: 34002093 Found 1 device(s): Device 0: XC6SLX16 Under Windows 10 inside virtualbox, after selecting the USB device to be owned by the Windows virtual machine, I get the following: C:\Users\Mr>djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: Nexys3 Product Name: Nexys3 User Name: Nexys3 Serial Number: 210182477273 C:\Users\Mr>djtgcfg -d Nexys3 init ERROR: unable to open device "Nexys3" The USB device is recognized in the windows device manager as "Digilent USB Device". My intention was to use the Adept 2 GUI, which is way more convenient than the command line tools on Linux, but it is suffering from the same problem above. It does recognize I have a Nexys3 board connected, the Nexys 3 TM logo does appear, but when you tell it to initialize the chain, it says: "Initialization Failed. Check connections and try again." Inside the Adept status window I get: ===== Digilent Adept ===== Adept System Rev 2.7 Adept Runtime Rev 2.16 Adept Applicatin Rev 2.4.2 Copytight (c) 2010 Loading board information... Initializing Scan Chain... Board information loaded. Initialization Failed. Is there a way to debug this problem? Adding --vebose to djtgcfg makes no difference on the output. Thanks in advance, Marcelo.
  6. Hi guys, Im a newbie in this fiels, just started to learn ISE and using nexys 3 board Spartan 6. Just to mention it's for school. What I did is that I created a state machine to recognize a code then wright OK. The state machine is simple but my problem is with the keyboard, the code that the state machine should recongnize should be entered from the keyboard, I read the documentation about keyboard and nexys 3, it says it uses PS/2 and keyboard send data and clock, but I didn't understand well about what I should do to the clock, can someone explain it to me or tell me somewhere I can find good doc to make it function.I tried to put the keyboard in USB HID port but it didn't even put on its lights, is this normal. (if you have any advices please don't esitate, I know Im missing lots of things and I need someone to push me) (I attached my machine state code and a keyboard code I found on the internet, I didnt understand how it gets data from the key board and what it does exactly to the PS2_Clk) contraites1.ucf Detecteur_Sequence.txt my state machine.txt ps2_keyboard.txt
  7. Hello, I am using a Nexys 3 FPGA and the PmodBT2 for a university project. I am eventually going to transmit my custom data processed by the FPGA but for now I am trying to get the Bluetooth working. I downloaded and configured the PmodBT2 example from this website HERE but I can't seem to get it to work. I am using an Android phone with BlueTerm and I am having issues connecting my phone to the PmodBT2. I can successfully pair the devices, however I cannot get them to connect to each other, and therefore when I push the buttons or use the switches on the Nexys 3 board I do not see anything on the terminal window on my phone. Does anyone know what I may be doing incorrectly with the pairing process (I just clicked on the device name and it paired successfully, but didn't connect). I also shorted jumber JP4 to set the baud rate to 9600 as specified in the above link. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello sir, I am using Nexys3 board along with digilent adept for bit file download. But in this board there are only 8 switches. I have seen there is possibility to extend I/O ports virtually with the help of digilent adept but how to use this feature. What is the procedure for this? If suppose i want to implement 8 bit adders i need (8+8) 16 input ports. How to achieve this with nexys3 board?
  9. Argoth

    Nexys 3 With Pmodrf2

    Hello, I would like to you use PmodRF2 with Nexys 3 board in my project at school. So I am looking for some reference design in VHDL for Spartan 6. Do you have something like that?,400,897&Prod=NEXYS3&CFID=7442452&CFTOKEN=e41455559876637a-43DBCAA9-5056-0201-028B3A77A60DF63D,401,927&Prod=PMOD-RF2 Best regards Marty
  10. I am using the Nexys 3 board alongside the PmodI2S - Stereo Audio Output. After reading the data sheet for this PMOD, (see Table 1 on pg.12) it seems as though I have to create an abnormal clock frequency. And by abnormal I mean a clock that cannot be created using a clock divider. For example, table 1 in the data sheet suggests that I use a master clock of 22.5792MHz, but there is no such whole number (call it X) where the Nexys system clock: 100MHz/X = 22.5792MHz. So, what are my options?