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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, again, I have a doubt and I hope I can help, I am working with the xadc of the nexys 4 DDR and I already manage to send the data of the xadc by uart to a graphic inetrfaz in matlab, the xadc owns 4 differential channels of entrance , when I want to see the data of one of the 4 channels I change the DADDR address (DADDR_IN [6: 0]), in the instanziacion of the xadc, which implies that it only allows me to see the data of only one channel at a time, my question is: is it possible to see two or more channels at the same time in real time? thanks
  2. MattHollands

    Faulty Nexys 4 DDR?

    Hi, At the start of the year I purchased a Nexyss 4 DDR board from Digilent. I hadn't used it until a few weeks ago, but now am using it for a university project. However, I have discovered two issues with the board while using it. 1. Switch 3 (of the sliding switches), is faulty. The switch will sometimes read as "on", even when the switch is in the "off" position unless it is actively pulled back. I can verify that this is not a coding problem because it happens when the device boots into the default program (loaded by digilent) and all other switches work. 2. Transistor Q8 appears to not be functioning properly. By changing the voltage on the gate I should be able to change the SD cards VDD voltage from 0V to 3.3V, but in reality it is ~2.9V in the off-state and 3.3V in the on-state. I have verified that the gate is swinging from 0V to 3.3V as expected. Issue 1 is not a deal-breaker for me, but issue 2 is a significant deal-breaker as I need the ability to power cycle my SD card. Is this a common issue? It seems to me like this may be due to a faulty board. Matt