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Found 63 results

  1. Jaiko007

    3 bit output

    Hello, I need to design 3 bit output, which are 000, 001, 010, 011, 100 using FPGA. I'm using VHDL language. I have already designed it. But, the problem is I can't get that desired output I want. I got 000, 001, 011 and 111 outputs. Here I attach my code and testbench and also Isim simulator waveform part. Thank you. selectsig.vhd selectsig_tb.vhd simulator.wcfg
  2. Jaiko007

    8x1 multiplexer

    Hello, I want to design 8x1 multiplexer using FPGA. But, I just only have 5 options of input, which are freq1, freq2, freq3, freq4, and freq5. Is it possible to design it with only just have 5 options of input? If possible, how doing it? I'm using Xilinx and the language I used is VHDL. Here I attach a picture. Please help me. Thank you.
  3. Jaiko007

    MUX 2x1 using VHDL

    Hello, I need to design PWM for a multiplexer 2x1 for my project. The description is: If select = 0, output = input 1 (10kHz) If select = 1, output = input 2 (100kHz) The problem is, I don't know how to implement that frequency in my coding. Is it possible to do that. If yes, how making it? Someone please help me. Here, I attach my code. mux2to1.vhd mux2to1_tb.vhd Thank you.
  4. Hello, I need to design frequency divider from 50MHz to 200Hz using FPGA. I'm using Xilinx and the language that I used is VHDL language. I got stuck because I can't get the output. So, anyone can help me? This is for the code,FreqDivider.vhd and this is for testbench, FreqDivider_tb.vhd. Thanks.
  5. I ran speech simulation (analog) on Matlab, and here is the code and result. I want create an analog stimulus file for UNISIM for XADC execution on Xilinx Vivado. I use Vivado 2015.4 with board Artix7 (xc7t35cpg236 - 1C). 1. How to make an analog stimulus file using these information? I will need Time(ns), VAUXP(V), TEMP, VCCINT, VCCAUX, VCCBRAM values. 2. How many set of readings can I take? 3. Should the time be in millisecond, nanoseconds or seconds? Please find attached 'SIM_MONITOR_FILE' saved in data.xls and the simulation file for word 'Jam', obtained using Matlab 'audiorecorder'. data.xls
  6. Twoism

    Zybo base system design

    Hello, I've got some troubles while trying to fully understand the Zybo base system design. I need to replicate in my design (with Vivado 2015.4) the video part of the bsd, with the Axi display control ip. The design works but some points are not very clear to me: I've notice that 2 different clock sources are feed to the PL: (FCLK_CLK0 @ 100 MHz and FCLK_CLK1 @ 150 MHz). What is the reason behind this? Isn't 100 MHz enough for the VDMA? Why an Axi protocol converter is used? The design was build for an older version of Vivado (and ip library)? Thanks
  7. Hi I have done an intro to vivado simulation in Verilog based on the assignment I have done in ISE
  8. What about Nexys4 BSP for EDK XPS wizard? I am using Xilinx 14.7 for Embedded Systems with tihis card and i cant find these suppor t files to use in wizard like other boards. Thanks in advance
  9. I have done this project for an online class. The project is written by Verilog. The clock divider and counter modules were provided. My task was to write the top module to display 3 bit output of the counter on the 7 segment display. Originally, the project was implemented in Basys 2. I also used Xilinx ISE Webpack. Now, I modified the counter module and top module and implemented it on Basys 3. In addition, I used Vivado Webpack instead of ISE.
  10. Hello Everyone, I need help determining whether the JTAG-HS2 is compatible with Xilinx Spartan XC3S400 FPGA JTAG. I'm brand new to Xilinx FPGA Thanks, Vu
  11. Hello, My team is trying to design a circuit with the Zybo board and we wished to power the circuit via an external battery and we were wondering what the maximum current & wattage allowance was. The datasheet specifies 5.5 Volts running through the board but nothing else.
  12. How can I set up a variable clock signal on Basys 2?
  13. A customer asks me the following question. I would like to share in the forum. Question: We want to know where we can find out documentation or media or resources? Answer: You can download the Xilinx Webpack and Impact at the Regarding the documentation, you can go to the product webpage,400,1000&Prod=CR2-STARTER. It has schematics, reference manual and a demo file.