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  1. Hi all tagging some experts @jpeyron @attila Thank you for all the help in previous questions! From what I have gathered up till now is that I cannot access the protocol analyzers since they are at the application level and are not exposed to the SDK. However in my application I need a protocol analyzer along with the analog read of the AD2 simultaneously. (attaching previous post) So my only hope is to make a custom protocol analyzer to get the logic bitstream from the digital pins along with the raw waveform data. I tried to do the same in the code snippet attached. Howe
  2. Hi, I am using the Waveforms APIs to process the raw waveform data from the oscilloscope of AD2 to a C++ code. My other requirement is to use the logic analyzer simultaneously to get the data bit stream of data as well. 1. I was able to do this on the Waveforms 2015 GUI but is it possible using the APIs? 2. There are analyzers (SPI, I2C, Serial, CAN etc.) present in the Waveforms GUI, but is there a preset to do the same in the API? (not just being able to read 0/1 but analyse the SPI/CAN bus) Thanks, Shabbir
  3. Hi I am trying to install waveforms to use the analog discovery box. I am in Linux using Ubuntu and I have downloaded both adept and Waveforms and tried installing both using the terminal and everything seems like it installed but when I search to open Waveforms I can't find it. I'm not sure what is wrong or why they are not installing properly. I'm using the 64 bit for both. Please Help Thanks
  4. Hi all, The Waveforms program installed on my 64bit, Win 10 Laptop fails to connect correctly to the Digilent devices. I have tested with an Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery, both were tested in other PC's so there is no external hardware issue. As shown in the attachment, Waveforms is reading the S/N from the device and current draw is within the expected range. My best guess is that there is a USB driver issue, what are your thoughts?
  5. I have been trying to set up the Waveforms Labview toolkit. But it seems that the driver is not compatible with my version of labview (pro 2016). Is this correct? I really need this to work with my version of Labview. Update: I also just tried it with Labview 2014 Pro, with the same issue.
  6. I just got myself an Analog Discovery 2. I tried probing an I2S stream on a CODEC, using the Logic Analyzer function. I noticed that the software is capable of decoding Left and Right channel samples as hex or singed decimal numbers - which is not much help when trying to make sense of audio signals. Is there any way to reconstruct left and right channel audio wave-shapes represented as analog charts for better observation? Can it be exported as channels on the oscilloscope and compared with other analog signals or Is it possible to see the spectrum of the Left and Right channel audio streams
  7. I received my Discovery 2 and installed WaveForms, however, the program recognizes the device but refuses to operate in any mode except configuration #4. If I select any other configuration, the error message "Device configuration failed(scope reset verify)". This occurs with or without an auxiliary power supply and on two different computers - Win 10 64bit and Win 7 32bit. Also behaves the same under WaveForms safe mode. I have followed all of the applicable troubleshooting suggestions to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to proceed from here? Thanks - Davi
  8. Is it possible to fill the buffer of a Scope Math channel from a script?[i] = some value Thanks in advance, Greg
  9. This is about the AD2 Waveforms SDK. I've been successfully capturing single pulses by setting up AnalogIn to trigger on a rising edge, waiting 20 ms, then firing a pulse. However, it fails when doing longer pulse widths (>1ms). I found that it stays in the prefill state (DwfStatePrefill = 5) for a long time before it gets into the armed state. See some samples stats below. sampleFrequency = 20000.0 time = 205 ms sampleFrequency = 6666.666666666667 time = 615 ms sampleFrequency = 2000.0 time = 2049 ms Lower than ~5000 Hz sample freq. I cannot even capture a pulse even
  10. Hi, I'm trying to capture a 400kHz I2C waveform for a second or two using the logic analyzer function. Because the AD2 buffer size is small I am using record mode. When I do this with the default device configuration in the device manager (option 1 16x4k for Logic) I get the error "Samples were lost! Reduce sample rate". If I reduce the buffer dize and the sample rate I can change the message to "Samples could be lost! Reduce sample rate". My understanding is that I should be able to operate at 1-2MHz and that it's the USB bandwidth in conjunction with the buffer size that is the
  11. Is there a way to execute "Defined Measurement" functions on an analog input stream from inside a custom Waveforms SDK program? I'm particularly interested in running a frequency measurement from my custom application (but ideally all of the factory defined measurement functions would be available). Judging by the SDK documentation, it seems that the only way to accomplish such a feat is to re-implement the calculation by hand such that it runs against an appropriate buffer of acquired samples. I don't want to duplicate this effort unless it's absolutely necessary. Even being able to see
  12. I'm just playing around for now but in the future I have vague notions of learning music theory.
  13. Question from the customer: Can you add a math channel which depends on more than one sample of the input channel. For example, applying a window function to calculate the average of the last 10 samples, FIR filtering, etc. Would also be nice to see some basic support for FIR and IIR filters in the oscilloscope math channels; Answers: For such purpose the Scope Logging tool can be used. The following script applies a filter to one channel data and saves it as reference channel. function doRef(ch, ref, fir){ var cfir = fir.length; {// normalize wind
  14. How many AD2s can be connected to one computer and ran simultaneously in WaveForms 2015? For example: I need to monitor 10 signals. If the signal is good, then an output is sent from the AD2.
  15. I am unable to make Waveforms working with my Analog Discovery on Linux. I installed Adept 2 and Waveform, when I plug my device in the usb port I have it recognized. It seems it is Waveforms that refuse to recognize the device or something bad happen as soon as I start Waveforms to the USB connection. Here is the log output when I connect the device in the USB port: oct 06 20:49:09 feynman kernel: usb 2-1.7.4: USB disconnect, device number 11 oct 06 20:49:09 feynman dbus[1324]: [system] Activating via systemd: service name='org.freedesktop.Avahi' unit='dbus-org.freedesktop.Avahi.servi
  16. I'm trying to find a way to include the Analog Discovery's serial number when exporting images of the oscilloscope in Waveforms. My lab instructor requires us to include the SN in each of our 'scope captures, but i can't find an option to include it (online or in the reference manual). Right now I'm resorting to hitting printscreen and editing in mspaint Does anyone know of a better way to get oscilloscope captures from Waveforms with the serial number showing?
  17. Installed WaveForms 3.3.7 (64bit) on Ubuntu 16.04 recommended adept runtime. However waveforms failed to run indicating that it required a library (libdmgr) requiring installation of adept runtime 2.16.5 (64bit). The adept.runtime should be marked as required instead of recommended for waveforms.
  18. I'm trying to use an Analog Discovery 2 on linux Debian 8.5 (jessie). I recently upgraded from 7.9 (wheezy) because I couldn't get the AD2 usb to work reliably. But I seem to have the same trouble here. $ dpkg-query -l 'digilent*' Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name Version Architecture Description +++-============================-===================-===================-==========================
  19. Hello, I'm using the AD2 and the waveforms SDK. What I need to do is create a single square pulse, non-repeating. Is it possible with the SDK to do this? In other words, I need it to run for only a single period. Turning the generator on and off in software is just too imprecise. Thanks in advance!
  20. I'm working with the AD2 and the Waveforms SDK. In the reference manual (, it says: Scope input impedance = 1MOhm || 24pF Two different attenuations for high-gain/low-gain (10:1) Does this imply that for the high-gain setting in the SDK, the scope acts like a BNC probe that has 1x and 10x modes? I really need that high-impedance (reduced capacitance) mode for the signals I'm trying to measure, but without using a 10x
  21. I am trying to download Waveforms 2.9.4. I am logged in to When I right click on the blue Windows icon and click Save As, I get a message "... couldn't be downloaded". I am using Windows 7 and IE11. Yes, I am trying to download the legacy version, I do prefer it. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
  22. Hi there, after buying the Analog Discovery 2, I installed Waveforms without any problems, but when starting Waveform 2015 v3.3.5 it crashes immediately on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 Bits. I also tried v3.3.3 getting the same result. Getting two problem reports immediately one after the other: Problemsignatur: Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Anwendungsname: WaveForms.exe Anwendungsversion: Anwendungszeitstempel: 57332ffc Fehlermodulname: ntdll.dll Fehlermodulversion: 6.1.7601.23455 Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 573a54b7
  23. We got the following question: Hi,I'm using your software WaveForms 2015 coupled with your Electronics explorer board to generate 2 synchronised wave form. Now I need to automate my test in which I have a sine1 as reference and a sine2 used as signal. In my automated test I want to change the phase of my sine2 from 0 to 360 and make measurements for each phase shift. My goal would be to have an input and each time my input has a raising edge my sine2 will be shifted by 1 degree. Is it possible to script with this tool under Linux or Windows? Or are there a way to do this with the electron
  24. I just purchased an Analog Discovery and have been enjoying it so far. The OSX Waveforms2105 app works flawlessly. I'm now trying to run the python example code in the SDK in order to write my own software. If I run ``, I get the following: DWF Version: 3.3.5 Opening first device failed to open device Any ideas? Can I debug this in any way? Thanks.