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Found 21 results

  1. Hard Stop after installation. macOS Catalina "“WaveForms” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." "This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." I sent message to Digilent Customer Support when I ordered the device from Jameco but I have heard nothing. Should I just send the Analog Discovery 2 back to Jameco? Thank you.
  2. Hello, What is the difference between the "custom" and "sensor" tabs on the Protocol Analyzer in Waveforms? Are they used together? Where the custom tab gives the user the ability to write their own custom SPI Protocol and use it in the Sensor tab? And can I use them to develop a script that would control an SPI compatible 12-bit DAC. The goal is to read the 12 bit digital data from a file, with data ranging from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF (16 bits technically since the 2 MSB determine the DAC Power Modes and the 2 LSB are don't cares) and outputting that data from the Analog Discovery 2 to the 12-bit DAC
  3. Hi everyone I am using demo of waveform software to generate patterns, but i wonder about the output voltage of pattern can be 1.8v or not. can you give me some advices for this? thanks
  4. Hello, When I try to use closed compensation (10 Ohm Range) in Meter mode in the Impedance Analyzer module, the program automatically closes and exits to widnows. In contrast, compensation works well in Analyzer mode. This error has been around since the last few beta versions. I would also like to add a function that automatically remembers the compensation coefficients until the next compensation (Short and Open). PS. WaveForms version 3.11.33 on Win10 x64pro
  5. i want to export my file with respect to the date and time it was created. Can anyone help. So the date and time should be as a folder Impedance1.Export("~/Desktop/SeeIfIWork/"#ddmmyy"/Messung"+Index+".png")
  6. Hi Digilent, I have two questions that i would like to ask about the logic analyzer function on the Analog Discovery 2. 1. With the rating of 100Mhz logic analyzing sampling rate, what is the maximum frequency can I capture? What about the spi frequency of 20Mhz? 2. The waveform limits my number of samples to 4096 (right above the rate settings). This link shows that waveform software allows 16384 samples. or even 10000000 samples How do I fix this? Thanks Khoi Ly
  7. Hello, I am looking to buy Analog Discovery 2 module. I wanted to know whether the waveform generator can generate arbitrary waveform stand alone? i.e without being connected to a PC and in free running mode powered by external 5v DC power supply? I want to make the analog Discovery 2 act as a stand alone source for the DuT.
  8. Hello there, I am a new user to the AD2 scene. What I am trying to do is create a parallel wire capacitor that will alternate the charge on the wires at a freq of 200kHz, at a voltage of 2V across the capacitor wires (in this case the wires are the male connectors) My first question is if I use the wavefunction generator as a sine wave, does the ground need to be placed on the adjacent wire to create my capacitor? What I mean is that if the W1 channel is pushing 2V to the W1 wire, is that in relation to the ground wire? Or, do I need to set up a second wavefunction generator to simultaneously be 180 out of phase, and push -2V to the W2 wire, and have that be the wire adjacent to W1 in my wire capacitor to create the E field between the two wire capacitors? I suspected that I would need a wavefunction generator for each of the wires in my system, so this leads me to the next question. If I need to create two sets of alternating parallel wire capacitors, then I will need 4 wavefunction generators at 200kHz, and thus will need atleast two AD2 devices that can trigger one another. I read the tutorial on using an external push button act as the trigger device. Could I buy a external push button that I could link to both devices? If so, could someone show me which one? Secondly, my other question is that if there is a way to use a keyboard button to be your external trigger? Thank you so much for your help!
  9. I have two iMac (Late 2009) running MacOS 10.13.4 and 10.13.5. I purchased a AD2, but WaveForm 3.8.2 cannot detect my AD2 in both iMacs. I confirmed it works fine in a Windows PC or VM machine (Parallel Deskop) on my iMac. Attache image is the Device Manager window of Waveform after dismissing "No device detected" dialog. It shows my AD2's serial number but I cannot select it. I read several posts in the forum and try - Restart after installing the driver. - Connect external DC5V. but no change. I'm looking for a help.
  10. Hello, So I am trying to write a script that will be taking advantage of both output and both inputs to the AD2 as well as take select information and send it out to two (for now) serial lines. I have written a script to control everything I need minus the actual setup of the UART settings, sending the data over the Tx line and receiving over the Rx line. Are there any examples of how to send the data over script as opposed to using the built-in GUI of Waveforms? Thanks, Ryne
  11. When changing the start and stop frequencies of the spectrum analyzer the resolution does not seem to change. I'm using the software in the demo mode. Is this how the actual software works. One would hope that the resolution frequency would decrease (become a smaller frequency) as the frequency span is decreased. Thanks, for any responses.
  12. For the waveform generator to be useful as a load step FET controller, I will need to control both the rise time and fall time of the same pulse. Any suggestions for most easily achieving this?
  13. Hi, so I am trying to complete a project for one of my classes and I decided to us the script part of the analog discovery; however, there is not enough comments on the code to explain what it is specifically doing. I found an example code that is titled "Wavegenpiano". I would like to know if someone can explain what that code is doing., ie, what each part of the code is doing. I would like to use that code associated with a buzzer to output a song. TL;DR How can I use the script part of the analog discovery to have a buzzer output out a sound?
  14. Hi Guys, im realatively new to electronics and even newer to measurements! I've just got my discovery 2 and was hoping someone might be able to guide me with some general question and tips. Sorry if my questions sound stupid in advance very new!!! Firstly, measuring balanced connections? I know what's required to measure single ended audio connections but trying to work out how best to measure seeing have inverting and non inverting connections plus gnd? Can anyone provide some guidance on how to go about this? Assume I know nothing when it comes to oscilloscope and waveforms!! secondly, measuring THD of an audio circuit has anyone got any tips of how best to measure, configure and calculate, using waveform? i assume it's something around using spectrum analyzer with test tone and looking at the harmonic against the fundamental, but some guidance on how to configure, measure and calculate would be awesome! lastly, what should be the expected noisefloor of the discovery be inheritly? -80ish db?? any guidance would be appreciated thanks guys hype
  15. Dear all, I wanted to fire IGBT of my full bridge converter using analog discovery2. I wanted to change the symmetry of square wave of both channel at same time is it possible? HARIKRISHNAN
  16. Hi all, I am new to AD2 so this might be a trivial question. I have a project where i want to extract raw waveform data from AD2 and feed it to my program which is C/C++ and do my own processing on it. I need this to happen live when i am connected to the signal. As far as i have seen it is possible to save a captured signal as image or values statically but i need to to happen live. Is it possible to so this? Thanks in advance, Shabbir
  17. Hello All, I am trying to acquire a waveform from one of my terminal of the ESP8266 microcontroller (GPIO0). I should be expecting a signal from the crystal at this terminal which is oscillating at 26 MHz. Can anybody let me know the correct settings to acquire the signal of 26 Mhz? The following are the steps that I performed: 1. Go to settings--> Device Manager --> select 2x 16K scope 2. Then click the settings (gear symbol) on the time settings box on the right side of the window 3. Here, I select Range Mode = Division Mode, Rate = 100 MHz, Samples = Default I have attached the snip shots below. The signal intended to measure should be in 26 MHz. It usually says samples lost- reduce the sample rate. Why does it say that? Please let me know the correct settings to measure this signal. The overall objective of measuring the time response on this terminal and maybe the frequency response at this terminal is to figure out which component in my custom board is behaving differently from the other boards which are tested as okay. Please let me know if there is a way to do it using Analog Discovery.
  18. Hello all, I need to use Analog Discovery to capture a trace from board and am completely new to this. The board has program consisting of a timer between the two operations such that after first operation there is significant interval before the next one to make it easily noticeable. I am using the channel 0 pins at the two end points where I can get the trace. The problem I am having is that I want a zoomed capture of the operation only but not sure how to do it. I tried setting the acquisition mode to trigger but it does not seems to work correctly. Can someone please inform me how should I proceed with this? I also tried using python SDK but not much luck on that side either. Have attached screen grabs from Waveform2015 first of which shows the 'peak' I want to zoomed in and the second pic is of my terrible attempt at zooming... Thank you in advance and any help would be truly appreciated.
  19. Hi, I just purchased the adm kit. After installing the software, I've found that when I try to launch it, it appears in the task manager but no windows come up? I've tried reinstalling and restarting everything but nothing seems to help. I am running windows 10 and I downloaded the latest software for waveform. Any help would be great!
  20. Hi, I am trying to analyze a weak photoplethysmography signal using the oscilloscope feature of Analog Discovery. I am seeing an additional shadow plot in the background of the actual signal. I am curious what does the background plot indicate? I didn't find any information regarding this in your manuals. Please see the attached figure. Thanks, Raj
  21. Hi. I have downloaded Vivado Webpack for my NEXYS4 I don't plan to use any other FPGA but the XC7A100 and smaller first question is do i need to upgrade to 15.1? It was very difficult to get 14 working. I have downloaded Waveform for my analog discovery and will need to download ISE 14.7 for the CPLD's I plan to use in a CR2 board and now will be installing the locked Vivado version that I will get purchasing the Basys3. Do i need to do watch for anything except to make sure they are all in different directories as far as installing these programs on the same machine? Thanks LDS .