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Found 4 results

  1. Jerome

    VHDCI cable datasheet

    Hello, Can you please share a datasheet of the VHDCI cable sold on your store : I am particularly interested by the internal wiring of the cable, which pairs are twisted together, etc... Thanks Jerome
  2. Hello- The VHDCI connector available on Digilent's sales store (SKU 163-433) is the only place I could find this right angle, PLUG, PCB through hole mount connector. Who is the connector's manufacturer? I need to get the STEP file or any 3D cad file for this specific VHDCI connector so I can incorporate it to my mechanical drawing. Also, where can I get the STEP file for the Genesys dev board (SKU 410-138)? Looking at the resource documents, the schematics for this board were made with Altium Designer, so I assume there is a 3D-model somewhere. Thanks in advance! -Emanuel
  3. Greetings, I need to know what is the output characteristic impedance of the VHDC connectors on the Genesys Virtex 5 FPGA Develpment Board. The datasheet only says they are impedance-controlled matched pairs and the schematic does not have this info. Some online forums said SCSI is defined by ANSI X3.13, the nominal diff cable impedance is 122 Ohms and I want to check if my board IO is consistent with this standard or not. I need to design a mating board to convert high speed differential signals into single ended, and signal integrity is a big deal. Thanks in advance,
  4. Thanks very much for providing the Atlys FPGA development system. My company has purchased several boardds for use in a proof of concept system. We have been having good luck with the platform and I have a few questions that pertain to using the Atlys in such a manner. 1) Are there 3D models or gerber files available for the Atlys PCB that we can import into our CAD system so as to design around the physical aspects of the Atlys board? 2) For future mass-produced systems we will create our own PCB with a Spartan 6 FPGA, DDR2, HDMI out, and USB components. As an addon to our question ab