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  1. Hi, I'm going to buy Pmod USBUART: USB to UART Interface for MicroZed board I have. Would I need a UART Crossover Cable for it? Also, is there any example I could use to have this PMOD working? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  2. Greetings! I am using an Arty board (xc7a35ticsg324-1L), and I want to receive an external clock signal which comes from a signal generator. To receive this signal, the Arty board needs a SMA connector, and I recall the Pmod AD5 has two of them: Could the Pmod AD5 be a good choice for my purpose? What would you recommend me? Thanks Fields
  3. Hello! Recently I bought a PMOD AD5 board to hook it up with my Arduino DUE in order to measure AC Voltage. In terms of libraries, I tried two - the official AD7193 library and the AD Converter one, from GitHub. The AD Converter one seems like it's based on the official DSP library from your wiki, but adapted to Arduino. With that one, I had a few problems, so I went with the other one. For starters, I have my signal connected to AIN3 and GND connected to AIN4 (both on J2). The SPI is properly connected to my DUE, settings are SPI_MODE3 and SPI_CLOCK_DIV32 (
  4. I'm trying to the Pmod RS485 as a RS-422 interface. In your datasheet, you reference 4 ports. A-input and B-input, which I assume is the Rx; and Y-output and Z-output, which I assume is the Tx. Do you specify which terminal is positive and which one is negative or does it not matter? I appreciate any support you can provide. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have loaded a Linaro Ubuntu on the Zedboard using Vivado 2016.2 and I want to extract the CoreSight trace data off the board. By applying the same idea suggested in the link , I enabled CoreSight component in the block customization of the Zynq PS, mapped its IO to EMIO, made the TRACE_0 external, and changed my .XDC file to map the 8-bit output data to the JA1 PMOD data pins. However, I'm not sure with my next step. When I powered on my board and
  6. Hello dear We are students whom are working on an IoT project. We want to use the Pmod Hygro to get the temperature and humidity. We also use the Artik530 by Samsung platform, with the Arm processor which supports the I2C protocol. When we try to use the example code given by the resource center of this sensor, we get the error which can be seen in the added file . in addition, we also get a temperature and humidity reading ,but the values are not making sense nor changing as the temperature and humidity are changing. Can you please help us finding what's the problem?
  7. Hello to everyone, I want to show the temperature data with Teraterm . I get from PMOD TMP3 . But I have to design the PMOD TMP3 IP and I do not know what is the difference with led_ip_design on the link there. ip.pdf Can you help me? How can I show the temperature data?
  8. Hi, I have pmod gps receiver, and I connected it to my zybo board using pmod. I would like to get data from it but it can't connect to the satelite. I have petalinux on arm processor so I execute cat < /dev/ttyPS1 and I receive the gps module output but fields like position etc. are empty. The green led is still blinking. I am waiting about 30minutes and I still have the same problem. What have I do to run it correctly
  9. I made a order with a FPGA board and some pmods and the shipping was about 20 bucks, later down the road if i decided to buy more Pmods for my board, will I still be charged 20 for shipping even if i order only 10 bucks worth of Pmods? I did a checkout without confirming and it still wanted to charge me 20+ bucks for shipping. if that's correct i'd have to save up a lot more and buy a big bundle of Pmods to justify the cost of shipping seeing that it's the same for 1 Pmod or 10 Pmods. correct me if im wrong.
  10. PS/2 interface makes random data from the keyboard when using dev board power, does nothing when using external 5V, tried different keyboards, tried different connectors. Please advise.
  11. I'm using DA4 and OD1 PMod boards in a project. We will have quite a few add-on boards in the device, and I want to get placement nailed down. Is it possible to get a 3D CAD model (.step, .iges, etc.) for them? Many Thanks, -Sberry
  12. Hi everyone; I want to build a real-time control system using the Zedboard. I want to connect the board using the Pmod modules to the actuator and the sensor, and I want to ask you if it is a good idea to do it throught the Simulink HDL Coder. So, My first question is: is it possible to interface the Pmod AD/DA with the board using simulink coder? And how? I did it in Vivado in VHDL but now I want to build the overall system in Simulink and I don't have idea how to do it. Thank you so much. Paolo
  13. Hello All, I tried the program given in but there is no output on the SD. I have simulated the clock with 100MHz and got these values. clk 10ns 100Mhz Sclk 1.56Mhz mclk 40ns 25Mhz SD is always zero in-spite of setting the input data_l and data_r as Ones as shown in picture and simulation output files. I am unable to find the cause for the problem. Am i missing anything in testbench code, as I am simulating only CLK ? What changes are to be made in that code if i have to use internal SCLK. I have a
  14. Hello I am new to FPGAs, and I'm using Pmods AD1 and DA2 in a control application on ZedBoard, using VIVADO and SDK. Is there any tutorial or hint to know how to start the design and interfacing between ZedBoard and these pmods. Thanks. Elie.
  15. I am using a Nexys dev board (Yes, I know they are old) but I am wondering if I can interface with 5V signals? I see that I can supply the USB 5V out on the PMOD Vcc, so does that mean that I can drive the PMOD with 5V logic?
  16. I am wondering if, specifically for the Arty Artix-7, one of the pmod ports could theoretically be configured to carry enough data to drive a 1024x600x18-bit LCD at 24fps or greater, preferably on an LVDS interface.
  17. I and 2 other partners are having problems with the PmodOLEDrgb block diagram. When it is in the IP flow pops up when the project is open, and below shows the list of errors. I think the Pmod has an error in it, which even when I open the block diagram. When trying to regenerate the block diagram: ERROR: [BD 5-106] Arguments to the connect_bd_intf_net command cannot be empty. ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'connect_bd_intf_net' failed due to earlier errors. endgroup Opening the block diagram: [BD 41-51] Could not find bus definition for the interface: Pmod_out [BD 41-49]
  18. Hello ! I'm currently working on a project which consists in designing a digital lock-in amplifier on a FPGA board. For this, I am using a Nexys 4 DDR and an Analog Device's ADC (EVAL AD7984 PMDZ). My first goal is to interface properly the ADC component with the FPGA using a Pmod port. I have some basics knowledge about the use of Vivado so that's why I am asking you about this. I followed the tutorials about "getting started about MicroBlaze" to follow then "using Pmods IP". My question is : When I followed the first tutorial mentionned above, we created a a basic Mi
  19. I am a senior design student doing a group project. We were looking into using one of the team member's BASYS 2 FPGA board for our project. We're looking at purchasing pmods for sensor capabilities and wasn't sure if they would be compatible with our BASYS 2 board. The sensors we were looking at purchasing are, Pmod CDC1: Capacitative Input Buttons, Pmod BT2: Bluetooth Interface, Pmod TMP3: Temperature Sensor, and Pmod GYRO: 3-axis Digital Gyroscope. Would all the Pmods be able to connect to the board at once? Will the board be powerful enough to handle all 4 pmods? I'm sorry for the tri
  20. Hello all, How to interface an external analog signal through PMOD AD1 with xilinx system generator blocks,I am able to generate CS and SCLK ....But how to interface and assign the corresponding ports....Please help me with this regard
  21. Hi to all, Today I tried to test PmodSd module using Digilent source code posted on Github and failed to compile. The errors are shown on the attached snapshot. It appears that the code is expecting Microblase processor instead of ARM. I failed to find proper fix and am hoping that authors of this driver can offer a solution for the Zynq. Thank you in advance!
  22. Dear Digilent, First of all, I am running Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, Vivado 2015.4 Webpack and my hardware is the Zybo Board Rev.B.3 I am trying to instantiate the PMOD WiFi Module on one of my PMOD ports (There are 6 on this board so I chose the standard PMOD JE) but I face an error when trying to add the 'vivado-library-master' folder which I downloaded from GitHub. I followed this link in order to do that and downloaded the library zip from this link (via GitHub) Once I had the ~123Mb Zip File downloaded: 1) I extracted the zip to a folder near my projects 2) Open
  23. Hello I am hoping to output a 225MHz clock on either a Basys3 or Zybo board. I can generate the necessary clock speeds internally however the hardware has settling times which appear in the range of 10ns instead of my desired 2ns, which when reading the spec sheets most settling times are significantly less but I think the hardware outputs are larger. I initially receive a warning about trying to connect a circuit routed to clock with the hardware pins which is likely the cause. Through reading I found the Zybo had high frequency PMOD pins however these showed no improvement in testing. In fur
  24. Hello together, I'm a student and I am going to buy the Basys3 board. At that nice student price I thought I'd get a Pmod for Debugging like a little screen. I will be programming only hardware circuits and my own processors. As it seems to me, all tutorials for the OLEDrgb Pmod are made for use with the Microblaze which is not something that I plan to do. For that kind of stuff I already have microcontrollers lying around. I want to be able to access the screen / output (maybe only leds are possible for this purpose? and 7 segments?) directly via my hardware like turning on and
  25. Hi, I recently bought an Arty Board to get myself acquainted with FPGA/µC development. Currently I focus on µC programming using Microblaze. Following the tutorials provided under I managed to read out a PmodMaxSonar using UART and PWM, using a pmod_bridge configured in the Block Design within Vivado, and write the measured values on a PmodSSD seven segment display. Next I would like to work with I2C to read from a PmodTMP2 temperature sensor. Currently I am not very successful in doing so. I again use a pmod_b