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  1. Hi, some news about Nexys4-DDR Resource Center updates? ​I bought the board and I'm interested in sections: - Embedded Linux Materials - Advanced Microblaze Design with MIG, Ethernet, UART & GPIO - Constraint Files - Xilinx Memory Interface Generator (MIG) Project - XADC Demo
  2. Hi Digilent. It seems like the NEXYS 4 DDR Schematic is missing some pages. Specifically, the FTDI chip and UART connections. It seems like page 6 is missing. Perhaps the UART schematic is located on this page? Please advise on how to obtain the full schematic. Thank you, jliu83
  3. I recently got a Nexys 4 DDR and I'm trying to get started with a simple switch/blink-LED program. I'm using ISE Design Suite 14.5 (nt64) and I'm getting warning messages that's preventing the design from completely compiling. This is what I tried: Created a very simple design (in schematic mode) using three switch inputs, an LED output, and basic logic (AND & NAND)Added 3 ibuf, one for each input and an obuf for the outputAssigned each ibuf/obuf pin numbers from reference manual (e.g. LOC = J15)Added I/O markers, labeled A, B, C (inputs), and F (output)Get the following warning messages d
  4. echristian

    newbie questions

    I bought a basys3 and a nexys4 ddr 1.) I tried to use web pack vivado, but when i simulate or build bitstream files(.bin or .bit) i get error no license. so i downloaded xilinx ise. 2.) with ise i can produce bit and bin files, but how do you get them to the device. I guess i could put them on a micro sd card and use the jumper.....but that does not transfer them to the non-volatile flash right? How can i transfer them to non-volatile flash? Thanks in advance Eddie
  5. Syaoran74

    Vmod+nexys 4

    Hi all, I am a 4th year engineering student from RMIT university of Australia. I'm in the search for FPGA board for the purpose of generating a depth map via stereo cameras, as part of a larger project. What has caught my eye is the Nexys4-DDR board primarily for its Xilinx Artix-7 chip and upon further searching the Digilent store i so found the VmodCAM module which may be particularly useful for the project. However i am aware as to the fact that the Nexys4 board does not have a VHDCI port and hence would like to know of any work arounds to this issue, possible PMOD cameras or other ways
  6. This question was posted by Daedronus on the Nexys4DDR youtube video: Artix 7 can output directly hdmi video, why bother wasting IOs for the rather poor 12bit vga?