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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I recently discovered that the wrong scan codes are sent for certain keys. This is tested with my own PS2 keyboard controller, and the same behaviour is present with the official demo: I have tested two keyboards: One Logitech K120, and one Microsoft comfort curve 3000. The following behaviour is exhibited: Left arrow set 2 scancode should be: E0 6B / E0 F0 6B. Actual: 6B / F0 6B Up arrow set 2 scancode should be: E0 75 / E0 F0 75. Actual: 75 / F0 75 Down arrow set 2 scancode should be: E0 72 / E0 F0 72. Actual: 72 / F0 72 Curiously, the right arrow scancode is correct. Numpad division set 2 scancode should be: E0 4A / E0 F0 4A. Actual: 4A / F0 4A Can anyone confirm? Online Documentation for Altium Products - PS2 Keyboard Scan Codes - 2017-09-13.pdf
  2. Hi, I've recently got a Nexys 4 DDR and I'm trying to find a keyboard that works with it. Any mouse I have works, so I'm assuming the USB connector and the PIC24 are all soldered on properly and working. I know that older and/or 'simple' keyboards are supposed to work but so far I haven't found any that actually do. I'm still looking, and I've ask around (on this forum and elsewhere) for specific make/models that are know to work. In the meantime, I've observed that when I connect the keyboard I'm using right now to type this post to the Nexys4 DDR, and run the Nexys-4-DDR-Keyboard, I keep getting 0xAA messages. If I keep a key pressed for a long time, sometimes I observe the proper scancode for the key, and then it's endless 0xAA again. According to the Nexys4 DDR reference manual: "When a keyboard or mouse is connected to the Nexys4 DDR, a “self-test passed” command (0xAA) is sent to the host." What I think is happening is that keyboard or the connection with the keyboard keeps getting reset by the PIC, which continuously sends 0xAA codes when it re-detects the keyboard. I was wondering if anyone knows what code the PIC24 is executing, if there are any patches for it, or if it's possible to see the source code to maybe fix this problem or improve compatibility. As it is, using a Nexys4 DDR is *really* hard because very little modern hardware seems to work with it. Thanks!
  3. Hello, After downloading the project code found here: and programming my Nexys4 DDR, I can not get my board to read keyboard inputs. I've tried three different USB keyboards (Apple, Razor, and Logitech). To make sure that there was nothing wrong with the USB port, I performed the selftest as specified in the manual: "Connecting a mouse to the USB-HID Mouse port will allow the pointer on the VGA display to be controlled. Only mice compatible with the Boot Mouse HID interface are supported." One of the mice I tested allowed me to move the pointer on the VGA display. This leads me to believe that the USB port on my board is working. So I have three questions moving forward: Do I need a specific jumper configuration to read keyboard input? Does anyone know of a make/model of keyboard which is guaranteed to work with the board? Are there any self tests to show that keyboard input is indeed being received? I found this in the manual under section 3.3 of the reference manual: "For example, if a USB keyboard is plugged in, a rapid blink will signal the receipt of an HID input report from the keyboard." However, its placement in the manual leaves me uncertain that it is in fact a built in self test. That is, I am unsure if a keyboard plugged in during the demo configuration will make the "busy" light blink rapidly. Thank you.
  4. s223523

    USB keyboard on zybo

    Hi, I am working with a Zybo and I'm trying to develop a game on it. In order to do so I need to connect a USB keyboard to it. Does anyone can suggest to me some tutorials or VHDL code for it?
  5. Hi, I'm using a nexys 3 sparten 6 fpga . I need to interface it with a keyboard, is there any core available to do that?
  6. I want to interface keyboard with artix 7 nexys 4 fpga board....which keyboard can we interface that is usb or ps/2 keyboards ....if both please tell me how. also can we program fpga for ps/2 keybpard and interface with usb pin using ps2 to usb converter....???
  7. Hi everyone any idea how I can set the PS2 power jumper to 5V ? , I have the Genesys virtex-5 board. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, Could somebady give me a Little help... I have a Chipkit 32mX7... Im trying to do some programs to learn the use of this dispositive, could help me with a code in C to do the next program... I have the keyboard 4x4 and a PmodCLP (LCD) so i want to do the next activity: when i pulse 1 on the keyboard I want to display 1 on the LCD.. So could you help me with this? How need to be the code wiith the ports, the delays and that.. Thanks....
  9. Hi, I created a VHDL description to work with the PS2 interface of a Nexys-3 board, but I'm having a problem with the arrow keys. The right arrow key - code E0 74 - works perfectly, but strangely the other three - codes E0 75, E0 6B and E0 72 - do not! I tested with the Ctrl key - code E0 14 - and with the Alt GR - code E0 11 - and they also work perfectly. Since I was unable to understand the problem, I tried with another board - a Basys-3 - and with Vivado. The behavior was exactly the same. Then I picked up an old Spartan-3E board with a true PS2 connector and the whole arrow keys and the Ctrl and Alt GR worked perfectly (I singled these keys out because they are extended keys like the arrow keys). I'm completely puzzled! Why the same description works in a board and in the other two boards only works with certain keys? The only visible difference among the boards is that the most recent Nexys-3 and Basys-3 use an emulator to emulate PS2, while the old Spartan-3E board does not. May there be the problem? As someone already experienced the same problem? Thank you.
  10. laltarac

    Basys2 PS/2 Keyboard

    Hello. Im working on a project that requires a ps2 keyboard to communicate to the Basys2 board. Does any one have any good links that might help me get started with this. Or, maybe would someone be able to post their Verilog code , if they've done it ? It would be much appreciated Thanks Liam