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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to create an interrupt handler using Zynq. I am using the Zybo board and am using the Linux kernel from the following link: I have searched the Internet and I think I have everything set up properly but my handler never gets called in my driver. Here is my block design: ... and my interrupts set up in vivado: My dts file (attached here) contains the following: ps7_gpio_0: [email protected] { #gpio-cells = <2>; clocks = <&clkc 42>; compatible = "xlnx,zynq-gpio-1.0"; emio-gpio-width = <64>; gpio-controller ; gpio-mask-high = <0xc0000>; gpio-mask-low = <0xfe81>; interrupt-parent = <&ps7_scugic_0>; interrupts = <0 59 4>; reg = <0xe000a000 0x1000>; } ; I am trying to hook interrupt 91 on the PS that is triggered from PL using AXI GPIO. I have subtracted 32 from 91 hence the <0 59 4> in the dts file. My interrupt_v1_0 IP simply creates a 10ns pulse every second. I expect to see my interrupt function being called in the driver every second once I load my bitstream and driver but this does not happen. Can someone please check and tell me what I am doing wrong? I have attached my driver, dts and code for my interrupt IP here. Thanks. zynq-zybo.dts interrupt.vhd driver.c