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Found 105 results

  1. stevew

    Pmod Ia Parts

    I didn't see a BOM for this board so I need to know the package size (0402,0603,0805,etc) of the following parts: C7 & C11 (for the ext clock add-on) and R8 (for a different value). Thanks
  2. Hi , Myself trying to make Ethernet link up (without lwip) on Genesys Virtex5 Board. I generated EMAC0 wrapper with loop back from Xilinx Code Generator , modified ucf for board schematic. Reeceive link is working fine , i.e my board is able to receive I Gbps packets from PC and in chipscope pro , I could see packets loop backed on the TXD lines and PHY TX led is blinking but no packet is reaching PC . The problem , I assume may be the TXD line delays and PHY not getting proper data from FPGA . I don't have visibility to the TXD lines at PHY side . I tried out a couple of things thinking that the PHY may not be getting window to sample data properly. 1) GTXCLK is shifted at 90,180,260 PHASES using DCM ..No luck :-( 2) Drive strength of I/O reduced which can reduce EMI interference 3) Slew rate changed Nothing worked out ..So please help me out with some suggestions. Thanks & Regards, Supriya
  3. My lab is currently using an ATLYS board to run an experiment on a piece of hardware. We'd like to collect as much data as possible, which may involve having multiple instances of the hardware, each connected to a different ATLYS board. Is it possible to have more than one ATLYS connected via Ethernet to a given PC? If so, what is the maximum practical amount and what are the best practices for accomplishing this? If not, are there any alternatives you can suggest? Thanks!

    Fpga 1

    Dear Sir/Madam My name is Revanasidha K Jambgi i am doing a project is to implement image processing algorithms such as (Sobel edge detection and color reduction for single image data) on FPGA I have NEXYS3 board which has spartan 6. I request you to help me regarding this. I have to load the image file into the FPGA board and should have an access toeach pixel of the image. Please send me the snap shots of the process. ORwrite me where i can get this stuff. I searched in web for days together but couldn’t find it.
  5. wespo


    Hi, I'm looking to order one of the components from the analog parts kit (,842,845&Prod=APK). I administer a teaching lab and we've been using the ADXL327. Students have (of course) managed to damage a few, and in addition to replacing them, I'd love to actually order enough to stock one of our standalone bins with them, but the individual components are not catalog items. Any way to get these handy breakout boards? Thanks!