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Found 6 results

  1. Currently we are using Nexys Video Development Board which is having many features and peripherals. Now we want to make our custom board with limited peripherals. We would like to use only 2 Configuration modes - JTAG Progamming and Quad-SPI Flash Memory Mode. We are not looking for SD Card and USB Programming mode. In Reference Manual Configuration Diagram, There is one PIC14 Controller available, We have confusion about is requirement? Is it necessary to have if we are not using SD Card and USB Progamming mode? It will be great help if you can direct us in this regard. We are not able to find technical support email address hence we are writing on this email address.
  2. I'm trying to configure the Discovery2 with BNC adapter to transmit three different clock-synchronized pulses to three interacting pieces of equipment via the BNC. I'm aiming for precise independent control of waveform, frequency, pulse-width, triggers, etc, all from the same master clock. I need precise pulse timing integrity at the khz level, with minimal degradation over 30ft+ cable distances, hence why we are aiming to use the AWG on the BNC rather than the pattern tool on DIO pins in WaveForms. The BNC Adapter for the Discovery2 is configured with two input and two output ports. Is it possible to reconfigure the input ports as outputs? If not, is it possible to physically convert digital pins (plus grounds) to BNC without signal degradation? What other options might exist for transmitting three output signals with BNC rather than digital pins? Is it possible to link two boards with the same master clock? Or, is it possible to maintain the quality of signal necessary using the digital pins, making all of this a moot point? Assuming it's possible to run three BNC outputs, is it possible to control this from Waveforms (given only two channels of AWG, where we need three), or will we need to write a custom application?
  3. vishnu

    DDR3 configuration

    Hello Everyone, This is Vishnu , FPGA Design Engineer. I need help from you, in my project I need to get data into DDR from camera and has to given for another data processing module. Here I have some doubts regarding storage . 1) As camera is line scanning camera , Is it possible to store line information from camera (line-by-line) and to access it full line-by-line directly.(data is of 12 bit). 2) How many cycles will be delayed if configuration is done with Microblaze . 3) Help me out some links for the configuration to do in customized version. Thanks in advance. Regards Vishnu
  4. I have LabVIEW 2014 and LINX 3.0. The entire installation process went as expected. However, when trying to setup the PI 3 as indicated in timestamp 3:50 of this video: Under the menu: Tools >> Makerhub >> LINX... All I get is: Generate Firmware Libraries LINX Firmware Wizard myRIO Support I don't have the option: LINX Target Configuration Any ideas?
  5. Hello, I am trying to configure an RN-42 PmodBT2 module using puTTY following these steps: { $$$ SM,2 SR, MAC ADDRESS C, MAC ADDRESS } the MAC ADDRESS refers to the address of the device I want the module to connect to it. When I enter the command C, MAC ADDRESS, I get an error, ERR-Connected. and if I entered GF to know the address of the last connection I get a random address starts by 088EDB -its not the address of my laptop either-. Another problem is that if I tried to disconnect the device using K, ADDRESS the command window hangs and I have to close it. Same thing happens with inquiry "I" and Reboot "R,1". Please help
  6. I just got a Nexys 3 board and I'm very excited to get started working with it! Seems like a wonderful device. Sadly I have not gotten off to a good start due to software and documentation problems. I am very familiar with digital logic and electronics and have been a professional software developer for over 20 years. I have not worked with an FPGA before but I understand what it is. The board powers up and self tests connected to USB on my Windows 7 device. It's not clear which software I'm supposed to use to configure and test it. My understanding from reading the docs is that the board is programmed with a demo.bit that can interact with the PC application. When I connect to the Adept 2 software (the latest stable version on the web site) it recognizes the board is connected but says "Unable to get configuration" etc. I was never able to get the tabs to open on the software. I'm a little stuck. Any pointers on how I can move forward with working with the device? Are other people having a different experience? Took it out of the box and everything worked great? Is this a Windows issue? What tools are people using to actually download designs to the board? It seems like you have to get something from Xylinx to do actual circuit design but I'm not clear about that either. Thanks for any help you can provide!