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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Following the tutorials, I was able to install labview and linx. I had developed a program, and it was running quite well. But whenever I turn my computer off and on, beaglebone fails to connect. In the sense, I'm able to connect to the beaglebone through the Linx target configuration and I can even ssh using putty. But when I go into my project and try and run the VI on BBB, it regularly pops up the error saying "Failed to connect to Target". I have vigourosly searched the entire linx forum for such an issue. And have tried everything that has been suggested but to no avail. My question is how can it show connectivity in Target configuration, but fail to connect inside the project when I try to run the VI? I am seeing another peculiar event too. Sometimes, if I reinstall the software using Target Configuration, BBB connects perfectly temporarily. And it disconnects pretty soon. But the process of reinstalling also does not happen regularly. It often fails and the message that says to post in the forum pops up. I have viewed the log and wasn't able to find anything substantial. I have tried manual installation and it fails too. This irregularity in connection is something that bothers me. I am not able to figure out a pattern too. When it connects, it is perfect.