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  1. Hello! In the hardware user's guide of the ZedBoard I read the following: "Four Pmod connectors interface to the PL-side of the EPP. These will connect to EPP Bank 13 (3.3V). One Pmod, JE1, connects to the PS-side of the EPP on MIO pins [7,9-15] in EPP MIO Bank 0/500 (3.3V). Uses for this Pmod include PJTAG access (MIO[10-13]) as well as nine other hardened MIO peripherals (SPI, GPIO, CAN, I2C, UART, SD, QSPI, Trace, Watchdog). Two of the Pmods, JC1 and JD1, are aligned in a dual configuration and have their I/O routed differentially to support LVDS running at 525Mbs." My ques
  2. 1116345

    Pmod Ad5

    Hello I am using the Pmod AD5 to convert my analog signals from light sensor to be able to feed it into the fpga. Any one has an idea of how can i proceed? I tried by testing the AD5 by inputting an analog input but i cannot get to the digital output...any help would be highly appreciated..Thanks
  3. Here are 22+34=56 pins and I must add 4 pmods. How to declare in the IP INTEGRATOR pairs of pins as a Pmod entry?
  4. Hello, I am trying to use the pmod DA4 with my Arty S750 board. I'm aware that Digilent does not offer an IP for interacting with the Pmod, so I took it upon myself to design one. Anyways, things seemed to be going well until I actually tested the DA4. I know that the DA4 uses SPI to communicate, so I programmed the IP to communicate that way, and it does (outputs from the pmod connector correctly seen on an oscilloscope), but every time I connect it to the DAC I can't get much of anything to come out of the channels. I've read through the AD5628 reference manual, but a few thin
  5. Hello, I am trying for a couple of days now to understand the pinout of pmods when used on a minized. I would like to use the Vivado-library for but I am facing a number of problems. I hope to be able to connect a 12 pins pmod (oledrgb) to one port and 2x 6 pin pmods (encoder and buttons) to the second one I understoody that I have to make a xdc file to manually connect them since the board is considered "custom" (so no xml, although I tried to edit one) and because I need 2 pmods to a single port.In the block diagram when I make the pmod connector external I get a pmod con
  6. Hello, Digilent vivado library ( is not supporting for Virtex ultra-scale + (VCU118), The board can support for the MicroBlaze and PMOD Can you please help me out?
  7. Hi everyone, In this opportunity I want to establish a SPI communication between two PmodACL and a Zedboard, in Vivado software I done it this way: And I got the Bitstream file without any mistake. But how can I do the SDK configuration for read two PmodACL at the same time?
  8. I am very new to Raspberry pi and I need help regarding my R-Pi and Pmod ACL2 I would just like to test the functionality of the SPI connection and that's it I am not allowed to install any software I should just use the configure terminal I have installed the spi-dev on my R-Pi and I can't seem to find the ACL2 I'm sure I have connected them correctly Pls help Thanks in Advance
  9. hello i need some guidelines to know where to connect the output of pmod .Even i run connection automation i didnt get that.pls let me know where to give the output for interfacing acl
  10. Hi, I’m considering about VGA output device. About Pmod VGA, There are 2 questions(confirmations). Is this device manufactured from this schematic? Are there any other schematics? In the following page’s demo, is the View Result Pmod VGA’s output result definitely? If it’s possible, please give me other Pmod VGA‘s output result(s).
  11. I would like to transfer data from nexus 4 DDR board to basys 3 board using pmod. What connection I have to do?
  12. I've recently started working with the VGA Pmod, but was having the oddest issue. Output looked correct, but colours were interchanged. I assumed I was doing something stupid in my Verilog or constraints file, but after further testing came to the conclusion that the spec sheet was wrong about the colour pins! This seemed extremely unlikely, a programmer who blames the hardware is almost always mistaken, but then I inspected my board, which is labelled rev C. The labelling of pins on my Pmod didn't match the spec sheet or images on the Digilent web site: my green and blue pin labels are
  13. Hello I want to send an image from nexys4 DDR to basys3 through pmod. Is it possible? If yes then how to connect them. Nexys4 DDR will be master device.
  14. spartacus28

    Pmod ALS

    Hi, I am new to this forum so still getting used to things. I am trying to implement the Pmod ALS on an FPGA, and I require to comply with the SPI protocol. I understood the protocol, but the only problem I have is this. "The PmodALS reports to the host board when the ADC081S021 is placed in normal mode by bringing the CS pin low, and delivers a single reading in 16 SCLK clock cycles. The PmodALS requires the frequency of the SCLK to be between 1 MHz and 4 MHz. The bits of information, placed on the falling edge of the SCLK and valid on the subsequent rising edge of SCLK, consist of
  15. peepo


    Where are the reference design verilog HDL files for the Diglent PMODAcl adxl345 or adxl362 accelerometers on the latticesemi icestick? they are mentioned in various documents, but I did not find source files nor documentation. I did find Nexys3 & Zedboard
  16. Hi there, I'm connecting Pmod NAV: 9-axis IMU Plus Barometer with Trenz board (Trenz TE0701-06 + TE0720). I have been following tutorial to add PMOD in the Vivado design. I using Vivado 2016.2 version. But, in the board section, there is no available board component as it is shown in tutorials which is for evaluation boards, like the one below: In my case, there is no board component: Could you help me in how to make connections with Zynq board, I'm currently using? Did anyone came across this? Thanks a lot!
  17. I am trying to use the Pmod ACL with my PYNQ board, but i am not able to read any data from it. I was able to use it with my ZYBO board, but using the same code with the PYNQ doesn't cut it. Is it possible that some Pmods aren't compatible with the PYNQ? I haven't been able to find much documentation on the pinnout for the pmod ports either... any suggestions?
  18. Hi, we are using AVNET ZedBoard and we would like to pull out a control signal from our Pmod port. Now the voltage can only reach 2.5V from Jc and Jd port, and reach 0.75V from Ja and Jb port. However, we need a voltage greater than 3V to drive our add-on mux. Is that possible for a PMOD to reach 3V on the ZedBoard? Thank you very much. Angie
  19. Hello, I am attempting to communicate to a Pmod RF2: IEEE 802.15 RF Transceiver with a Basys3 board using the SPI protocol in VHDL. The microchip on the pmod is the MRF24J40. How do I identify the address of the MRF24J40? To my understanding, if I want to write/read a memory location on the MRF24J40, I need to send the address followed by the address of the specific memory location on the MRF24J40. Is it written on the microchip itself? The master and slave SPI modules that I am attempting to use are linked to this post. The documentation for the master and slave links are below. Th
  20. The Pmod AD5 looks like a good A/D module for my application, but, is there any way to allow it to work with a 0-10V input if only using 1 channel? If using 1 channel, would a simple voltage divider on the input (to step own the voltage) work (what would the max allowed signal source impedance for this to work? Assume a sample rate of 100 Hz or 1 KHz)? If not, any suggestions?
  21. Hello, I am currently working on a design project that uses an external ADC with a max of 40 MHZ with the Zedboard (Zynq-7000 AP SoC XC7Z020-CLG484). I have never worked with a Zedboard before either. Initially, I'm thinking that the pmod will be able to take in the output of the 8-bit ADC, but I am trying to send that data through the FMC as an output. Trying to look through the schematic for the pin-outs and the data sheet I've read that there are two LA buses within the FMC which are either 0:16 or from 17:33 each having separate banks. There wasn't much more detail about the FMC
  22. Hello, I would like to control a number of motors using a Nexys 4 DDR and would like to know if the on-board 2x6 Pmod connectors can be used to interface with two 1x6 Pmod adapters? Looking at the pinout of the 2x6 connector, it seems as though this should be legal provided each 1x6 Pmod interface is at the same logic level and reference the same ground. Is this the case? Thanks.
  23. Hello, I have a Nexys 4 DDR board and was looking to interface with motors for a project I am working on. I found the Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Controller (SKU: 410-267) and had a couple of questions about it: 1) Is this Pmod compatible with my Nexys 4 DDR? 2) How many motors can this Pmod device drive. If more than one can be driven by this Pmod, can each motor be controlled individually or would the same signal be propagated to each motor attached to this Pmod. Thank you!
  24. Hello, I am trying to generate a Digital Output by using the Zynq Processing System. I tought using the Pmod would be easy to handle but I am already failing to design the hardware to activate the Pmod MIO. Do you know a (or similar) tutorial for that? Can you give some advises how to realize it? Thank You! Best regards
  25. Dear Digilent team, I am trying to start a PmodOLEDrgb on a SP601 development kit. Thus, as I far as I can read in your docs, it looks like I have to program a microblaze in my spartan 6 and implement a SPI line for this device I have two questions : 1/ Is it possible to program a SPI line driver in pure VHDL to drive this PMOD ? (I believe it would be huge amount of work to get it work when I look at the 32 steps only to start the Pmod!!) 2/ Do you have a project example with a microblaze instead of a zynq to test with my SP601 board ? Thank you and best regards,