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  1. Below I have attached the album which will help you with the videos. Google photos link:-
  2. Hi sir , I'll forward you the link in some time. And about the voltage i am powering it with a 4s lipo. And over temperature I am working at room temperature of around 25-30°C.
  3. Hi I recently bought a new dmc60 before it went put of stock. I had bought 2 dmc60 I checked it yesterday and one of the DMC60 wasn't working. Its not giving any output when load is connected. When load is connected. It blinks between cyan/aqua at bottom and reddish at the top. At start while connecting the battery etc. Everything is proper blue light glowing then it turns to red in clockwise then when transmitter is connected it turns to orange and when throttle is given without load it works fine. When load is connected it creating the fault. I don't know what's the problem. I had 2 older DMC60 in that 1 isn't responding and the other DMC60 is working when 2 DMC's are connected together. What might be the problem. I am unable to rectify.