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  1. Looking at the CMod A7 to design into a CCA of my simulator. there is a warning in the datasheet that worries me "Warning: When a USB host is attached to the Micro-USB connector, the VU pin on the DIP connector (pin 24) is driven to the voltage being provided by the USB host (typically between 4.5V-5.5V). If you have a power source attached to the VU pin, you must disconnect it before attaching a USB host, or risk damaging it. This can be particularly dangerous if the power source is a battery" Does that indicate that I shouldn't plug into a powered CMod, or that I shouldn't power a Plugged in CMod. I would like to only power the A7 with my power source, can I simply remove D1 to do this? Second I want to use the FTDI chip, but it is nowhere in the schematic??? Last (for this morning) I cannot find any pin dimensions to design a model to plug it onto my board? I Any help is appreciated Thanks Eric