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  1. Hello, I have worked with HDMI on the Zybo Z7 which features a TMDS141 TMDS signal repeater on the HDMI IN port. However, the Arty Z7 has the TMDS lines going directly from the HDMI IN to the FPGA. I'm planning on designing a custom FPGA board and would really appreciate it if you could share your design considerations. Besides for the obvious advantage of protecting the FPGA, in your experience, does the repeater provide any other significant benefit ? Are there certain HDMI sources that will only work with the Zybo but not the Arty ? Thanks, Yaacov
  2. Yaacov

    NEXYS A7 3D step file

    I'd like to design and 3D print a case for the NEXYS A7. Could you please provide a step file for this board. Thanx!