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  1. Hi @attila, I'm trying "wait(second)" function in my script. After testing, the smallest delay time is about 10ms? I programmed script like this: for(var i = 0; wait(0.01) && i < 1000; i++){ StaticIO.Channel0.DIO0.value = 0; wait(0.01) StaticIO.Channel0.DIO0.value = 1; } and it should be 50Hz, but the scope shows 25Hz, Is it because of delays? Thanks
  2. Hi, @attila Thank you for your reply. but do you know why the Q1 and how the Q2? If I generate signal by using script to control Pattern tool, like this: var rg1 = [0,1,0,0,1,0,0,0,0] Patterns1.Channels.DIO0.custom = rg1 but I need to wait ACK from my slave device. Do you know how to do? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to use Protocol(I2C Master) to communicate with my slave device. Here is the I2C Protocol signal: and here is signal from logic analyzer: Q1. The protocol works fine when I transmit slave address, but why the STOP pulse is occur after the last clock? Then, I try to generate a I2C Master signal by Pattern tool. Here is my signal: I think this signal is more like the first picture? but my slave device doesn't work fine... Q2. Does anyone try to generate I2C master signal by using script or Pattern?
  4. Hi all, According to the discussion in this topic : How to implement I2C slave by script/staticio? I have an actual I2C master device and generate an I2C signal(start, slave address). Using logic analyzer to analyze signal? How to do that in script? If I could analyze the signal, and using staticio tool to generate an ACK? Thanks
  5. Hi @attila "You can debug the signals directly in the Logic Analyzer after enabling this mode in the top-right edge." means this button ? and what is "external pullups"? I use AD2. This problem has been solved. Thanks Currently I2C slave is not supported in Protocol interface, right? like this topic say :
  6. Hi all I would like to try the Protocol I2C function in WaveForms, and I set DIO7 as SCL, then I connect DIO7 to DIO15, and set Logic analyzer to watch I2C signal. After I clicking Write button on Protocol UI, the Logic UI didn't show the clock signal. Can't I do this? I tried UART also. It work fine. Thanks