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  1. I have a ZedBoard and would like to use one of the PMod interfaces to provide an RS-232 interface to a Windows computer. I discovered the link and downloaded a ZIP file for the Reference Design Reference Project. This ZIP file included a pdf document and source code (main.c) that describes how to use the PModRS232 on a Digilent Cerebot II to provide an RS-232 interface (see excerpt from document below). My question is whether this can be done using a ZedBoard? In other words, can I connect the PModRS232 to one of the PMod interfaces on the Zedboard and then attach an RS-232 cable to USB cable to a PC and expect to communicate serially to a program such as TeraTerm? Does the main.c program apply? Please note that I'm already using the USB UART interface for serial communication, but need a second serial connection. EXCERPT FROM PDF DOCUMENT: This document describes the process of interfacing a Digilent Cerebot II to a personal computer using the PmodRS232. Additionally any of Digilent’s AVR microcontroller boards, can be connected using the same technique. The hardware used in this tutorial: • Digilent Cerebot II • Digilent PmodRS232 • Digilent JTAG-USB programming cable • Microsoft Windows computer with serial port • Serial cable.