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  1. Hello i'm using 2 ZedBoards cards with Vivado 2017.4 (for the record - i've tried to work with 2018.1 but from some reason there was a problem with the wifi's library and someone here at the forum suggest to work with 2017.4. link to this post: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/17224-pmod-wifi-sdk-problem/#comment-42818 the 2 ZedBoards are connected with the PmodWiFi module, this module has been tested and the hardware is working fine. my goal is to transfer a 120*160 matrix of integers from one zedboard to another. i've succeded to transfer string or several integers b
  2. YakirP

    Pmod wifi SDK problem

    my Vivado desing looks the same besides the gpio ip (i don't need it). it passed the generate bitstream successfully -> export hardware and launch SDK. i keep following the video attached (as i did before) and i'm trying to make a new application project (C++ project). after hitting finish on it, the SDK takes couple of minutes to update the software and then the error jumpes from no where. i'm using the library of vivado attached to the YouTube video so i don't know about which folders are you talking about. as i wrote, this error jumped even before i'm touching my
  3. YakirP

    Pmod wifi SDK problem

    Hi i'm using Vivado 2018.2 + Zedboard, my goal is to use the WiFiScan from the examples attached to Pmod WiFi folder. i have build the project in vivado section and exported it to SDK at that point i'm creating new application project, choose C++ project and select finish. i'm getting the following errors: flexible array member 'DHCPDG_T::options' not at end of 'struct DHCPMEM_T' DHCP.h ‪/proj_bsp/ps7_cortexa9_0/include/DEIPcK/utility‬ line 216 C/C++ Problem flexible array member 'DHCPDG_T::options' not at end of 'struct DHCPMEM_T' DHCP.h ‪/proj_bsp/p