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  1. Hi Attila, that code looks like being very good - and streamlined, also - thank You!!! I will try out very soon. Concat is what I could not find in the script documentation. Could you recommend, where to look up all about the Java keywords and functions that are availlable for use? Update: The code runs perfectly!
  2. last days I wondered if our Vaillant heating boiler is working efficiently. Even when it was very cold outside it did not run continously. The temp rised up to a maximum, not using the minimum power possible, stopping the burner and waiting for cool down of the water. Then starting again - and again... Sitting in front of the display and writing a protocol on paper for hours was not a solution for me. So I remembered that the system uses a eBus (twisted pair of wires) for communication between main control heater, temperature controller, outside temperature sensor and so on. And I have the AD
  3. Thank you Attila, I am late with this but I want to state that I have learned a lot by reading your answer. Thanks!!!
  4. I have questions regarding the electric power necessary to operate the AD2. In my project I am logging the voltage of a shunt of 10 mOhm. The resulting voltage is very low and the logger registers some noise. In order to reduce the noise I wanted to switch over to AUX Power and connected the only available 5 V / 1 A with my AD2. This did not result in any changes of the logged voltage. But I saw that the blinking LED within the AD2 was showing a new blinking pattern, now bilnking twice instead of once every second. Since my power supply does not match the recommended 2.5 A value I would like t
  5. I have searched for Digilent Software for my iPad in the App Store and found Wave Forms live. Now I am facing the Problem to connect the AD2 with my iPad. Which Type of cable is necessary to connect them?
  6. Hi attila! You got it! It is exactly like I thought of it. Thank you! I will need some more time to set up the experiment and then I will post the results. Best wishes, Juergen.
  7. Hi Attila, hi script-programmers, thanks for your answer, but... I want to try measuring a current , expecting 100 A and more. And I do really want to use inductive coupling for my experiment. The result will be a sharp and very short impulse at the moment the current is switched on. During constant flow of current, no influence and no voltage at all will be generated. When the current to measure is switched off again, this will result in a negative Impulse and after that - nothing at all, again. If I would be able to implement mathematical integration of channel C1, the resulting graph I
  8. Hi, I am quite new here and have only a few hours working on AD2. It is performing excellent! Now I would like to make measurements on very high DC current flows (of a car's starter engine) using a kind of current clamp. The scope shall show the output voltage of the "transformer" on C1. That's quite easy for me so far to realise. As a next step I would now like to add a math channel to the scope which shall integrate C1 and show the result below. The result should be proportional to the actual current flow going through the clamp. I tried already to write a script for it. Due to my lack of ex
  9. Hi all, my name is Juergen. I'm an electrical engineer, having worked with telecoms in Germany and had projects in some other countries. Now retired I am rediscovering electronics together with my son. We want to make an old BOSCH Color Monitor (1,-- €) to show clear colors again and will have a look on some ignition dropouts of an Oldtimer. After reviewing some tests of USB-oscilloscopes I ordered the Analog Discovery 2 together with BNC board and a pair of probes. I received the parcel and got started immediately with the device and... I am surprised about the offered functionality. I