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  1. Hi all, I am trying to work on "Embedded Linux Hands-on Tutorial -- ZedBoard" .pdf document avilable in ",400,1028&Prod=Z... ". This doc. says get design named as "ZedBoard Linux Hardware Design" from same link, and it is having support for "ISE 14.4" and not for "Vivado", how to use the same ISE design in vivado or there is seperate degin for Vivado? My understnding is Vivado is replacement of ISE design suite. Cna you please brief me the procedure , how I can change ISE Design suite into Vivado Design Suite(Any prefered Document whcih we can follow), because lot of Design examples are not supporting Vivado, I am working on these designs, if I get any Document I wil work on it and post the same to all. Thanks & Regards Satish.G