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  1. Hello, Jon. Thanks for answer. It lasts so long that waiting does not matter
  2. Hello, I use Visual Micro for Visual Studio for my development. Once, after installing Arduino Digilent boards support, I discovered that I could no more work with esp8266 boards. Digilent package install totally crashed eps8266 support and nothing helps. It looks like support for Visual Micro is not able to solve the problem. The question is what the hell is inside your package? In order not to retell again here is a link to the appropriate topic. Visual Micro forum
  3. @JColvin, I do not understand, your message is a constructive solution or just a general purpose reasoning. Resources you are referring are monthly old while I told of yesterday experiments. And of course I studied them all before testing.
  4. I have both AD1 and AD2. None of the abve works with the latest Matlab. daq.getVendors() Number of vendors: 2 index ID Operational Comment ----- -------- ----------- ------------------------ 1 ni false Click here for more info 2 digilent true Digilent Inc. >> s = daq.createSession('digilent') s = Data acquisition session using Digilent Inc. hardware: Will run for 1 second (10000 scans) at 10000 scans/second. No channels have been added. >> daq.getDevices() ans = No data acquisition devices available.
  5. What I want to say with this long narration. It is not simple at all to adjust passing data from Logic to Patterns in one step, despite they are mirror opposite instruments. And you need to made a huge ammount of action to pass data from Logic to Patterns. And you have to repeat it for each signal. What I meant from the very beginning: the project file format .dwf3logic must be compartible for direct importing into Patterns(I guess it's allready ready for it). And option Import must exist in File menu of Patterns. And you can do the work(import all signals names and data) with one cl
  6. Well, I realize that Bus object must exists in Patterns instrument panel. In that case I got no errors executing script, but also no data in Patterns Bus. Second revelation: type of Bus in Patterns instrument panel must be Custom. I got something in Patterns Bus, but it is simply meandr nothing similar to data in Logic Blue bus.
  7. Thanks for answer, attila. As a test I select VGA demo example(https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/instrumentation/tutorials/decoding-vga-signals-with-logic-analyzer/start) It already contains captured Logic data. First I try to reproduce script variant. But none of below combination works: Patterns1.Channels.Blue.custom = Logic1.Channels.Blue.data Error in line: 1 TypeError: Result of expression 'Patterns1.Channels.Blue' [undefined] is not an object. Patterns1.Channels.Bus.custom = Logic1.Channels.Blue.data Error in line: 1 TypeError: Result of expression 'Patterns1.Ch
  8. As I see, it is currently unavailable. Is it possible to realize this feature in future releases?
  9. Yes I have 2 PC, one at home, another at office. On home PC I can compile and program Openscope only via Arduino IDE, on work PC I can compile and program only via VisualMicro. Both systems and insallations are the same.
  10. If in openscope.h to change baud to 115200 or something reachable in terminal, it become possible to enter in Terminal menu: Enter the number of the operation you would like to do: 1. Enter JSON mode 2. Calibrate the instruments 3. Save the current calibration values 4. Manage your WiFi connections 5. View all files names on the SD card
  11. Well, I found how: 1. Release from Digilent Agent 2. the device must be switched to bootloader mode via PROG & RESET buttons. DigilentPGM V1.00 Digilent Copyright 2016 Written by Keith Vogel 19 августа 2017 г. 14:56:53 MSK Comm Port: COM3 Baud rate set to: 115200 Extended Digilent Bootloader Found Board Name: OpenScope Vendor: Digilent Bootloader Version: 0x2010001 Capabilities: 0x170f0631 Device ID: 0x17218053 Flash Page Size: 16384 Flash Row Size: 2048 Baud rate set to: 1250000 Processing HEX file: C:\Users\vlady\AppData\Local\Temp\build371aac5bb7662e28ecbedb0283752a7d.tm
  12. On another PC I was able to compile, but not to programm: Sketch uses 444,352 bytes (21%) of program storage space. Maximum is 2,031,616 bytes. Global variables use 6,008 bytes (1%) of dynamic memory, leaving 518,280 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 524,288 bytes. C:\Users\vlady\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Digilent\tools\DigilentPGM\v1.000-digilent/java/bin/java -jar C:\Users\vlady\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Digilent\tools\DigilentPGM\v1.000-digilent/DigilentPGM.jar C:\Users\vlady\AppData\Local\Temp\build371aac5bb7662e28ecbedb0283752a7d.tmp/OpenScope.ino.hex COM3 DigilentP
  13. I asked for help from professionals (visualmicro.com). Here is the answer: "Visual Micro wrote Yesterday at 11:46pm: Hi, Sorry, that is not an Arduino compatible project and doesn't need to be structured in such as complex way." It sounds strange, does not it? Maybe there is a way to bring the project to a normal state?