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  1. Hi @Bianca, thanks for your reply. I have already got a DA9062-EVAL3 board. It has a socket daughtercard and 5 unprogrammed devices DA9062 I can play with. Right now I am working on the power-up sequence and the DA9062 OTP configuration with smartcanvas GUI. For the project I am working at, it will be the same setup you are using -> programming during manufacturing test. I was just wondering whether you had used a standard variant which was already available. Best Regards fpgadev
  2. Hi JColvin, thanks for your reply. I have ordered another board which must arrive at any day now. I hope there is DA9062 installed, but I will get confirmation once I have received it. I would appreciate tips for DA9062 configuration, since it is a quite complex programmable PMIC. Thanks
  3. Hi DIGILENT, I use an Arty S7 Evalboard for prototyping. I came across there are two different PMICS used. In schematics REV E there is DA9062 from Dialog and in REV B there is Analog Devices ADP5052. The board I have right now has ADP5052 installed. Are there boards around with DA9062? What was the reason for the switch? I consider to use DA9062 in my design. How did you configure the PMIC, or did you use a standard configuration? Thanks in advance for your reply arty_s7_sch-rev_b_e_PMIC.pdf