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  1. Hi @jpeyron Thank you for your information. Could you please guide me to interface the relay module to my Zedboard ?. I could not find any information regarding that...Can I use the add-on cart(HUIGANG-HRS2H-S-DC5V-N) for this purpose?
  2. Hi @jpeyron Thanks for the information that you have provided. I,successfully,generated the Bitstream. How can I continue further?Do I need to interface the relay module to control the light and motor? Thanks for your guidance Pavani.
  3. Hi @jpeyron Can you provide any information regarding the alternation of HTTP server as you have suggested above?? Thank you, Pavani
  4. Hi @jpeyron Thank you for the information. As you have suggested, I have a problem with my vivado library files after changing them I got my bitstream . Though I generated my bitstream I don't know why we kept those blocks in the block design. I am completely new to this field . So can you provide any information regarding that ? Thank you, Pavani
  5. [email protected] Thank you for providing the information .I followed the same as it was mentioned in the thread.But I got errors while generating bitstream.I am completely new to this field and I am unable to crack those errors.I attached the screenshot .The version of vivado I am using is 2016.1.Please let me know where I did the mistake. Thank you Pavani.
  6. In my project , I need to interface a pmod wifi module to FPGA(Zed board) ,for this I used IP Catalog but I am getting some errors . I attached the block diagram of my design . Can anyone help me in ?