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  1. Hi @jpeyron, So now i understand how to build an Adept SDK project and compile a .exe application. But somehow I still need to have the Adept software installed in my host PC in order to make my app working properly. I am developing an APP that will interface with USB-JTAG cable. I guess the Adept software is at least providing the driver for it. So is it possible to package my APP to include the driver or other necessary libraries?
  2. Hi, Is that possible to develop and deploy a standalone program from the SDK without installing the Adept software? Right now i have built my own program from the SDK, but without the Adept software it complains something like "'missing djgt.dll". thanks,
  3. Thanks @jpeyron for your reply! So did you mean that it is possible to improve the time by doing a non-blocking transfer? I am not familiar with the overlapped option in the function, could you please explain it a bit more?
  4. Does anyone know the OS/SW overhead when shifting JTAG bit chains from controller to device? For example, how long it takes to execute this function from the Adept SDK library? DjtgPutTmsTdiBits()