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  1. Hi @jpeyron, thanks for that. I have implemented the same BD as yourself, but it complains about the _i pins. Please see my printscreen. I would appreciate your comments. Best regards.
  2. @jpeyron, when you mean pins 1-4 and 7-10, you want to say inputs or outputs, please ? I believe it should be bidirectional, anyway? Best regards
  3. julianop99

    Zybo and PmodCAN

    Hi Gents, allow me to ask you a question about same subject. I have also discussed it with @jpeyron and @mbo sent me some files. I am trying to stablish a CAN bus network with a Ultrazed (ultrascale+) board with a axi_quad_spi interface and a Digilent PMOD CAN breakout board. Reason I am not using PMODCAN is that I had a bad time repackaging it to UltraScale+. when I run the loopback.c test, apparently it goes well - it manages to send and fetches the message pre-define. When I remove the breakout board, it goes on "waiting to send"; so I believe it is working. However, when I run either the RX or TX, having and Arduino (with CAN bus shield) at the other end, I do not manage to stablish the link. For instance, for the TX, it stucks on the "waiting to send"....(Arduino is then configured as receive_check) - nothing gets through. (I am using a twisted pair cable for CANH and CANL) I would appreciate if you could shed some light on this. Best regards,
  4. @jpeyron, sorry to bother you, but now my issue is with the bitstream generation. I need to route the PmodCAN Pmod_out signals to a PMOD at my Ultrazed board. I will use jx2_je_pmod at the board, for instance, but the bitgen is complying that I have not specified and constrained the ports. Which pins from the Pmod_out at the PmodCAN IP should I specify, please? Best regards Juliano
  5. Hi @jpeyron, I am coming back to the 2nd half of your proposal above and have a few questions: I believe I have managed to repackage the IP. Will give a try and let you know. Best regards, Juliano
  6. Hi Jon. Thanks for the detailed instructions. I have managed to make CAN connection with the first option. Will also look into the second one. Many thanks, Juliano
  7. Hi @jpeyron, thanks for the quick turnaround. I am quite new with this platform, so you mean to add an IP in Vivado, AXI Quad SPI, and change it to communicate it with the PMOD CAN. Any hint how to connect he AXI QUAD SPI external connection (SPI_0) to communicate with the transceiver, please? Best regards, julianop99
  8. Hi I am trying to use 2 PMOD CAN transceivers with a Ultrazed-EG IOCC card. I have got the vivado library 2018.2, but the problem is that my card is not supported. Is there a way of changing the vivado_library files so I can include my card and have the synthesis and bistream generated? Best regards, julianop99