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  1. Hi @jpeyron I had improved my code and now i am sending the data from Zybo to Arduino successfully but now the problem is that i am receiving that data on Arduino serial monitor continuously. What could be the problem? Actually I am sending the ASCII value of character 'U' and receiving the "U" at Serial Monitor of Arduino but it i am receiving that character continuously which i don't want. regards, AQ
  2. Hi, I am working on a project in which i am sending 8 bit data from Zybo and receiving that data on Arduino. The problem is that i am not getting the right data which i am sending from Zybo. I have generated the slow clock for required baud rate but still there is problem. I think there is a problem in State Machine which i have made in my Verilog Code. Kindly Check the Code Here.txt. Regards, AQ.
  3. Hi, I am working on a project in which i am using Pmod Bt2. Once i have connected Pmod BT2 with Arduino and give it 5 voltage and ground then after few minutes Pmod BT2 turn off and Now it's not turning on. What is the problem with it ? Is it burn due to 5 voltage or what happened with it? Regards, AQ
  4. Hi, I am working on a project in which i have created the custom IP's. I am sending the Byte from BRAM to another custom IP. I am receiving the desired Byte from BRAM successfully BRAM_C_Code.txt but when i have added the master file of custom receiving IP, i got an error that "cannot set the property 'PACKAGE PIN' , because property does not exist for object type "pin". Actually i want to ON and OFF the led's on the base of receiving byte from BRAM. I have written the Verilog code of the receiving IP Here.txt and once i am generating the bit stream i am getting the error that
  5. Hi, I am working on a project in which i am transferring the data from one Custom IP to another Custom IP. Sending IP have output of [20:0] and is filled with 2MB data and receiving IP have input of same size. Question is that if i connect these two IP's and sending data then whether data will transfer in One Go or not? Regards, AQ
  6. Hi, @Arjun xilinx forum thread that discussed the capacity and type of sd card is given below https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Processor-System-Design/Booting-Zynq-from-a-64GB-SD-Card/td-p/555049 Cheers, AQ
  7. @Notarobot @jpeyron thanks for your concern. I reviewed the whole process and found that i was not enabling the enable write pin of BRAM due to which i was receiving the garbage data. Regards, AQ
  8. Hi @jpeyron Here is the SDK code which i am using. thank you, AQ
  9. Hi @Notarobot I am assigning constant value to Port B of BRAM in block diagram as follow: web[3:0], en <- 1 dinb[31:0] <- 12345678 addrb[31:0] <- 1073741824 = 0x40000000 resetb <- 0 further Port A of BRAM is connected with AXI_BRAM_CONT which is connected with ZYNQ I generated bitstream of this block design and exported it to SDk, where i wrote the code to access the data from 0x40000000 location of BRAM. but its giving me garbage values, instead of 12345678.
  10. Hi, I am working on a project in which i need to read the data from BRAM. I give the constant input to BRAM second port and generate the bit stream. After that i Export the Hardware and Import it. In SDK i am reading the data in SDK terminal where i had written the data on BRAM address. But Problem is that i am receiving the garbage data instead of that data which i had written on specific address. What could be the problem? Regards, AQ
  11. Hi, I am sending data '0' and '1' from Arduino through HC05 bluetooth module and receiving that data ('0' and '1') on PMOD BT2 which is connected on the XADC(JA) port of Zybo. Once the arduino sends the data ('0' and '1') the "RX" pin on Arduino UNO blink and when this data is received at PMOD BT2 the 'TX' pin on the PMOD BT2 blink. I want to ON and OFF the LED on the base of this '0' and '1'. But the PROBLEM is that the LED is blinking when the TX pin on PMOD BT2 is blinking while receiving 0 and 1, it is following the blinking of 'TX' on PMOD BT2 instead of the data (0 and 1).
  12. Actually i want to read the data in PL. I am using the the tx and rx pins of XADC(JA) port given in master file. My Pmod BT2 is connected on XADC(JA) port. Can i receive that data directly in PL or PS? I want this data on PL part.
  13. Hi, I have connected PMOD BT2 on the XADC(JA) port of Zybo. I am receiving 0 on Rx pin of PMOD and i have confirmed it on Serial Moniter. I have connected RX pin of Pmod with LED on board. By this mean, the LED must be off but in my case LED is permanently on. Here is the short Verilog code of testing the LED and Here is the Master file. Regards, AQ
  14. Hi, I am working on a project in which i want to convert some text into speech. For this purpose i was using EMIC2 module but now i found that there is a audio port available in Zybo. How i can use this port? Provide me some helping material or suggestion. Regards AQ.
  15. The default baud rate of Pmod Bt2 is 15200. i want to change it to 9600. How can i do that?
  16. I am unable to go in configuration mode of Pmod BT2 in SDK terminal as well as putty and Tera Term, where i can give commands. Due to which i am unable to configure them as master and slave. Can you help me. Thanks, AQ
  17. Hi, I am working on a project in which i want to send signal from Arduino board to Zybo . For this purpose i want to connect the HC05 with Pmod BT2. I go through from Pmod BT2 reference manual but i did not find any thing which is used to configure Pmod as master slave. Kindly tell me how to configure Pmod as master or slave while dealing with HC05 with Arduino?
  18. Hi, I am working on a project in which i am receiving a signal from a sensor. I transmit this signal to Pmod BT2 of Zybo from arduino board. I am receiving this signal on SDK of Xilinx and i want to transfer this signal to Programming Logic part (PL) of zybo. What will be the procedure to send this signal to PL from Pmod BT2?. What Changes i should made in my verilog code to transfer this signal to Programming Logic(PL) part of Zybo. Thanks,
  19. Hi, I am working on a project on ZYBO and i want to interface the Bluetooth Pmod with ZYBO so that i will be able to communicate with Serial Bluetooth Terminal(Android Application). I have attached the code and block design that i'm using for communication purpose. Is there any error in it because i can't achieve my goal with them. Secondly there is no issue while connecting Pmod with Serial Bluetooth Terminal but when i enter "$$$" in SDK Terminal it do not show anything. Thanks BT2 Pmod c file.txt