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  1. Thanks JColvin. I went ahead and purchased the Analog Discovery 2 a few weeks ago. I'm happy with it!
  2. Hi @attila Thanks for the quick response. For starters I went ahead and ordered the Analog Discovery 2. I came across the Openlogger earlier today on crowd supply. Does the logging mentioned there something that's possible to do with the Discovery as well? Regards
  3. 'm an enthusiast looking to mainly work with digital and maybe occassionally on minor Analog Circuits as well. I was considering getting the Analog Discovery 2, but since my primary focus is digital someone recommended me the Salea over the AD2. I was told that the sample buffer in the AD2 is outdated and too small for anything useful. On the other hand even though I didn't get an exact number for this on the Salea, they seem to offer direct streaming to PC memory therefore limited only by the amount of RAM. Can someone please clarify if AD2 suffers from this limitation or if it has direct streaming support as well through Waveforms? Are there any workarounds for the small sample buffer? Thanks for reading.