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  1. Hi, I am trying to use PMOD BT2 along with the ZCU104 evaluation board and referring to the guide at https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod-ips/start I do not see the PMOD interfaces in the 'board' section of IP integrator. What changes do I need to add to the board.xml file? Are there any other reference guides available for using BT2 PMOD? Thanks, Akhil Ahmed R
  2. Thank you @bogdan.deac for the elaborate solution. This gives a lot of insight for further design projects too.
  3. Hi, I've started using the platform for SDSoC on Zybo-Z7 from https://github.com/Digilent/SDSoC-Zybo-Z7-20/releases. I tried creating a linux based "Hello World" application and was able to successfully run it on the board. I would like to start using GPIO and other peripherals for simple image processing application. When I add #include "xgpio.h" in my main.c file and build (found an online YouTube video demonstration), SDSoC is not able to locate the xgpio.h file. Is there a solution to this? I don't get any error when I choose freeRTOS instead of linux. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am new to the Zybo Z7 platform. I watched a video from Xilinx on using Xilinx SDK to run a simple "Hello World" program on the on-board processor. Following the steps shown in the video would however not work, as SDK doesn't recognize the Zybo Z7 board (Zybo-Z7-20). I followed the steps shown in the tutorial here and was able to get the "Hello World" displayed on the SDK terminal. Here are my questions: 1. Do we always have to "Export Hardware" and launch SDK from Vivado? In other words, can we directly launch SDK, create a new application project and somehow select the right hardware platform for the Zybo Z7 board? Are there any files we could copy to make SDK understand the Zybo Z7 board? 2. After writing the C code that is to be executed on the PS, the tutorial asks us to program the FPGA first and then run the application code. However, the Xilinx video doesn't involve the programming FPGA step. Can someone please explain why it is required in one case and not required in the other? Thanks in advance.