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  1. yasirshah

    Vmodcam resolution

    ok, I want to use vmodcam with 480 *272 resolution. I have gone through the code given at digilentinc site for 640*480 resolution. it is working and display the image captured by camera.I have changed the output width and output height to 480 and 272 in camctl.vhd file. i have passed the argument RSEL_I => R480_272P, in "Inst_VideoTimingCtl: entity digilent.VideoTimingCtl". I have changed res <= R480_272P;in sysCon.vhd. I am not getting camera image on LCD display. Is there anything else i need to change.?
  2. yasirshah

    Vmodcam resolution

    I am using Digilent Atlys board and Vmodcam in a project. Vmodcam have 1600*1200 maximum resolution. it can be used with 640*480 resolution. I want to know that what is the minimum resolution of Vmodcam. Can it be used for 300*200 resolution?