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  1. Hello, I am trying to do this tutorial but the output is : Entering into main() Error detect phy Length mismatch Emacps intr dma Example Failed please guide me with this example design. thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone, previously, I worked on nexys 4 DDR FPGA which have 4 PMOD port, by using 3 pmod port I had driven 3 DAC. but now i have to transfer that code to the zc706 fpga, but zc706 have a single pmod port with 8 user pin. signals required for DAC are sclk , sdata , synq , reset_bar. where sclk, synq , reset_bar is same the sdata is different for 3 dac . I had given the same sclk , synq, reset_bar to all three DAC only sdata signal I gave individually, like the image below. now, pmod of zc706 FPGA is able to drive single DAC, but when I connect all three in an image like above fashion, is not working, please give me the suggestion for this.
  3. @jpeyron yes, I am using xmcdma_interrupt_example.c file and by changing the memory address according to the zybo board I got the output as " Axi MCDMA sg DMA interrupt test passed" shown in the attachment below.
  4. hello everyone, I need help in hardware requirement for the xmcdma_interrupt_example.c test. I tried below example design as in program it is for 8 channels and the mm2s port is connected to s2mm port. At the output, it is showing Entering main( ).but not going further in the code. please help me with this. thanks in advance, Regards amit