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  1. Hello attila Now everything works as it should. Many thanks for a super quick fix.
  2. Hello, When I try to use closed compensation (10 Ohm Range) in Meter mode in the Impedance Analyzer module, the program automatically closes and exits to widnows. In contrast, compensation works well in Analyzer mode. This error has been around since the last few beta versions. I would also like to add a function that automatically remembers the compensation coefficients until the next compensation (Short and Open). PS. WaveForms version 3.11.33 on Win10 x64pro
  3. Hi Ferda I am currently at the stage of designing an external adapter PCB similar to this presented video (I read the whole post about it on eevblog). This adapter should at least solve some of the problems you're talking about (eg stronger output based on LT1210 or BUF634). PS. Do you have a link to the program that the author of the attached video use?
  4. Hi attila. Thanks for voltage scale fix in dark Ni theme. I also have some technical questions about Impedance Analyzer. 1. What is the difference between compensation in menu A and menu B. 2. Is compensation in menu A also applicable in CC or CV mode 3. Is the phase also corrected during compensation (short or open) 4. How many samples are collected for one period of the measured waveform (sampling ratio) 5. Which algorithm is used to calculate the impedance and phase. If you can please share meta code Thank you very much for your support.
  5. Hi tauquir_iqbal This should help.
  6. Hi attila Thank you very much for the nice implementation of the new features I asked for: Min/Max function is also very cool (protects against burning the precious chip). Beta 3.10.5 Added: - Power Supplies for AD2: tracking, slider, min/max - Impedance Analyze: DC mode compensation PS. In the tab of the power supply when I using the NI Dark theme, the voltage scale (near sliders) is not visable.
  7. Hi @ attila At the beginning I would like to thank you very much for your quick response. It is also very nice to watch how the software develops and also how many functions are implemented at the request of customers and how good the support is. -The CC/CV mode was added to WF beta 3.10.3 I will be testing the new version 3.10.4 next week. I am now outside the home "laboratory" -You can find the schematic of IA Adapter here: Yes I saw the scheme but my goal is not only to automate the switching of ranges but, above all, the extension of the measuring range. This requires the generator output to be re-designed from scratch (higher output current), it may also be necessary to design an I / U converter -Impedance -1. Thanks for reminding. I wanted to add offset compensation for DC, just got distracted with other projects. -2. At the moment you can use a script for history like this: ad2. Thank you for script -Power -1. With AD2 6th device configuration you can use the power supplies as AWG ad1. Wow I did not know that the power supply can be used as a generator channel. This is a great feature and much more advanced than asking :). I do not have unfortunately EExplorer board -4. You can use F5/F6 to start/stop an instrument. Yes, I know about it, but this shortcut works only if the power supply window is selected. In my opinion, it would be cool to add a dedicated shortcut to turn off the power supply even when another window, eg an analyzer, is active. This button was supposed to simulate a real hardware power switch for the system being measured. Maybe in the next model AD3 there will be such a button (or two) on the casing -Protocol Logic -1. You can use script, similar to the previous IA -In the Logic analyzer increasing the row height you get analog representation for the bus, interpreted values ad1. Thanks for the script and advice. I did not know that it would be possible to change the view to graph like plot. Very cool function -2. You have I2C scanner in Protocol/I2C/Custom/examples Yes I saw this scrypt. In my opinion this is a very often used function that deserves easier use and elegant implementations :) Once again, thank you very much for your support
  8. Hello @BLG maybe the problem is that the adapter was not selected.
  9. Hi @attila The WaveForms software is getting better and better from version to version. In the future, I plan to build a more advanced version of the adapter, i.e. with a better analog frontend: input with PGA maybe on AD8251, AC coupling for inductor measurment with dc bias ( 10A max) , a stronger generator output (lower impedance, perhaps on LT1210) and a better transimpedance amplifier (LT1210 + AD8066). This adapter should extend the measuring ranges (1 Ohm or smaller), for very small inductor and very large capacitances (small ESR). I also wonder how it can be controlled from WaveForms software (maybe simple customable I2c, rs232 or SPI protocol for range selection and PGA controll using digital I/O's ). Another interesting application of the Analog Discovery 2 can be the use of the "lock-in amplifier" technique to precise measurement of small values such as resistance (mili, micro Ohm range) or voltage. Below are other ideas that can improve the software Impedance meter: 1 . Compensation for the DC resistance measurement (short compensation or 0 adjust). 2. Logger function for impedance meter (histogram) Power supply: 1. Simple arbitary function for power supplay (programmable ramp-up, ramp-down, simple waveform, timing). This is useful for testing system response to power disturbances 2. Synchronus voltage settings for both power supplay channels (channel tracking). 3. Voltage regulation using a slider or knob 4. Keyboard shortcut for immediate power off/on (additional protection against fried cuircuit - no more magic smoke escape 😀) 5. if the hardware allows it, then the programmable cut-off current, or CC mode. Protocol and Logic: 1. UART terminal with graphic ploter somethink like arduino serial plotter 2. Built-in I2C adress scanner Logger and voltometer: 1. Temeprature channel in logger mode. - Built-in independent module with temperature measurements eg using ds18b20 or other popular temp sensor. Which can work in parallel to voltage channles. Very useful feature when measuring stability of temperature-dependent systems. Another aplication fot that is temerature compensation for resistance measurements in impedance meter (dc resistance mode ). Other: 1. Statistical analysis for measured parameters. eg histogram for voltage or impedance and other parameters. 2. External trigger for impedance meter (single shot or auto repeat mode), voltometer, loggrer In my opinion, AD2 is a very well-designed hardware and software with great possibilities to add new cool features. Thank you again attila.
  10. WOW ! WaveFoms Beta 3.10.2 is out, and has almost all the features I asked for (and much more) 😀 Impedance Analyzer: - voltage, current and custom plots - edit Meter list - Resistance mode for Meter, Frequency DC option - step mode in Time view Netowrk Analyzer: - step mode in Time and FFT views - amplitude table and custom function Thank you very, very much attila. WaveForms is a great software and Digilent is a very good company that cares about the customer
  11. Hi attila 1. I think that is a very good idea. For example, an list from which the user selects any parameter to display 2. Indeed, adding a new DC operation mode (Ohmometer tab) is a good solution. Hardware solution for DC resistance measurment may look like that Thank you for such fast response Best regards, Fonak
  12. Hello I'm new to the forum but I have a few suggestions to improve the impedance analyzer: Please add: 1. Simultaneous display of parameters for the serial and parallel model in meter mode 2. Measurement of the parameter (meter and analyzer mode): - Rp (equivalent parallel resistance) - Vrms (actual voltage on the DUT) - Irms (actual current flowing through the DUT) - Complex values for voltage on DUT (Vreal, V imagined) - Complex values for current on DUT (Ireal, I imagined) - Rdc measurement of DC resistance (in my opinion it should not be difficult to implement) 3. Signal level settings (meter and analyzer mode): - CV operation mode (Constant voltage) or ALC (automatic voltage level control) - CC operating mode (Constant current) or ALC (automatic current level control) Best regards, Fonak