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  1. @zygot , or anyone else, what are your thoughts of the compatibility of the Genesys2 and ADS4449?
  2. Also @jpeyron, or anyone else who may know, would the zedboard( or Nexys Video( be compatible with the FMC164( from Xilinx?
  3. Are there any ADC's offered that are greater than 1MSPS and have high dynamic range of about 100dBs, rather than specifically 16-bits?
  4. Good Morning, My name is Matthew and I am working on a senior design project where we need to make side scan sonar electronics to go along with a side scan sonar transducer provided to us by our sponsor. My question is: Does Digilent offer an FPGA development board that is compatible with the TI AFE5812 ADC, or is there a board offered that has an ADC with the same specification as the AFE5812? The specifications we need for the ADC are as follows: greater than or equal to 4 channels, greater than or equal to 16 bits, greater than 1MSPS, and programmable gain stage that can increase dynamic range if the ADC bit rate does not meet 16 bits.