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  1. Hi Kristoff. I'm new here and with the OpenScope. I'm having trouble with the WiFi configuration. My AP SSID is hidden, so the OpenScope only detects and list all APs it can see and the MAC of my AP. I have tried to configure it selecting the MAC on the list, and always ends on error. Finally concluded that I must enable the Wireless SSID Broadcast, but this should be not necessary. Other devices, like phones, IoT, consoles, ... sometimes needed to enable SSID broadcast at the first time only. After the initial configuration I returned again to hide the SSID and all goes well. Only with the OpenScope I need to enable SSID broadcast for successfully configure and connect. After that I tried to re-hide SSID again and the OpenScope can't connect. It is a nightmare to change the AP configuration any time I need to use the OpenScope. Any thoughts about this issue? Other different issue: The Digilent Agent offer an update to the WaveForms Live. The newest update offered is v1.1.2, but the version of the WaveForms Live is 1.3.5 How can I get the current version? Regards. Josema
  2. Hello all. Nice to meet all of you on this forum. Josema