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  1. hellow, please can anyone help me to know how can i create a test bench file in c of program c, i need it to create ip core in vivado hls.. i know how to create it from c to vhdl but from c to c how. thanks
  2. hi, add this in constraints set_property SEVERITY {Warning} [get_drc_checks NSTD-1] set_property SEVERITY {Warning} [get_drc_checks UCIO-1]
  3. Sheryfa

    pmod wifi

    hi again, i found the error but i have no solution.. the problem is in ipserver , i can't read the ip adress IPv4 ipServer = {192,168,1,190}; in the terminal i read: Connecting to network... Connection Created Started Listening 0 Sockets listening on port: 44400 if there is no problem in "ipServer".. where is the problem whene i write in the program "deIPcK.getMyIP(ipServer);" than "xil_printf("Server started on %d.%d.%d.%d:%d\r\n",ipServer.u8[0],ipServer.u8[1],ipServer.u8[2],ipServer.u8[3], portServer);" the terminal can't write it.. t
  4. Sheryfa

    pmod wifi

    hello, what additional securety?.. i followed the errors and i can't see where is the problem.. always "Unable to get a WiFi connection with key" .. i'm wondering why anyway thanks
  5. Sheryfa

    pmod wifi

    hi, in the tutorial they used the pmod wifi with pmod sd.. but now i did the same project "ZED_WIFI_SD" , so i have the same errors: Unable to find default HTML page: HomePage.htm Unable to get a WiFi connection with key Hard Error status 0x10003A00 occurred. Shutting down pmod wifi run correctly if i do the scan.. but if i wanna to connect him with pc or smart phone i can't.. the error is always "Unable to get a WiFi connection with key" thanks for replaying..
  6. Sheryfa

    pmod wifi

    hi, can anyone help me if the design is correct.. the connections bettween zynq processing system and pmod wifi.. the example code httpserver can't work correctly :
  7. i have a question about pmod wifi i tried to execute the UdpEchoServer program example and i have any connection with my smartphone.. so can i connect the pmod wifi with smartphone via zedboard or the pmod wifi can work only with ChipKit Pmod Shield-Uno board.. any other suggetions?.