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  1. @elodg: The DisplayPort out *does not work* in the out of box demo. I know because I have recompiled the source and used the releases as well from every location I could find before asking this question. It even says in the source documentation for the project you linked that "All features other than Displayport transmit functional". There's another post exactly like this one from last year: Regardless, as promised here are the source files for multi-streaming to 4 different displays via vdma from ram. is just the raw source files, they can be built by (Vivado 2016.1): cd build vivado -source ../scripts/project_create.tcl The software can then be imported into the SDK by File > Import > Existing Projects into Workspace, under src/sw. already has the completed project and SDK set up in /build as needed and is ready to go. I left the example pattern generators for generation of clocks and other items for ease of use. Downloads:
  2. I actually solved this on my own by downloading the XAPP1178 files and porting it to the Genesys2. I'm going to actually not be like some other people on this forum and upload a design that is able to read from DDR and stream data to the display port within the next couple of days.
  3. @jpeyron, I did, but if you note in the release it even says "All features other than Displayport transmit functional"...
  4. Hello @jpeyron, I just built and tested the design, and no luck. The display port links and configures properly as usual, however there is no output on the monitor. It works fine for the hdmi and vga ports. This isn't making much sense to me; I've tried with many different monitors and ensured that they were all 1.2 compatible...
  5. Thanks @jpeyron, I'll give it a try and report back! I assume this will work fine for the TX output?
  6. Hello Marco, I have been having many issues trying to get display port to work on the genesys2 board. I would much appreciate it if you could perhaps link your project or any pointers you may have would be absolutely fantastic. Thank you!
  7. The display port on the genesys2 board does not seem to be functioning. I have created a design in 2018.2 utilizing the Display Port TX subsystem in tandem with the Video PHY Controller, and when running the debugging example I can verify the main link is established and up, and it passes the training stage, however no image appears on the monitor, and it then powers down after a few seconds. Is there anyone out there that has a working display port example for the genesys2? There doesn't seem to be any working examples as far as I can tell. Any assistance would be much appreciated.