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  1. There is only one known pattern : signal . Maybe you need to know what are the input signal and template. I built signal by calculating the mfccs of a reference signal. Its only one word record such as "up" template is the mfccs calculate from an ad-hoc recorded signals. DTW is not my main function. I haven't considered that the amplitude can change cause the record will be made in the same condition. But you right I can manage real speech. I record only when I say a word . Then I remove noise, silence ,calculate mfcc of the record and I compare the result if the refe
  2. Hi @zygot @[email protected] thank for your responses. I have done what you advice me and now I want to translate into VHDL. I don't know where to start cause I used to write simple VHDL code such as counter , multiplexer, ram memory, transcoder for display on 7-segment . ( I used to code a MP3 player ) However I don't know where to start and which methodology i need to use to translate this % dynamic time warping of two signals function totalDistance=DTW(signal,template) signalSize=size(signal,1); templateSize=size(template,1);
  3. Hi @[email protected] @zygot @xc6lx45 Happy new year ☺️ . Looking up to my project, I'm trying to move the matlab code to VHDL and i'm using HDL coder. However, i have got some issues that i can't fix. I learnt that i have to modify the matlab code but in my case, i don't know how to do it . i will be greatful if you help me. Because i'm running out the time, is there a way to run matlab code on FPGA without turning it to vhdl? i attached my code to this message. THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR RESPOSNSES test.zip
  4. @[email protected] Okay thank you maybe I will ask you when my algorithm will work. If you know someone who can help me it will be very kind. Thanks .
  5. Hi @[email protected] , @zygot, @xc6lx45 please look at my question above : https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/16973-voice-activited/?do=findComment&comment=42558, I haven't find find a solution yet . thank you in advance .
  6. Hi @[email protected] I'm trying to make an order when once of these words is spell : In French "gauche", "droit", "haut", "bas" or English "up", "down", "left", "right" no matter. I find a way to code the voice-activated through five steps: 1 : remove signal silence , with an amplifier filter silenceremoval.m 2 : remove the noise, with a butterworth filter. silince_noise_remove.m 3: smooth the signal using a Simple gaussian smooth function smooth.m. EndPointing.m 4 : calculate the signal's mfcc ( Mel-frequency cepstral coefficie
  7. Hi @[email protected] @zygot Thank for the response. I'm coding on octave as you advice me . Junior
  8. Thanks you @xc6lx45 @jpeyron I have to describe my architecture on VHDL , i'm not coding on matlab. I'm not sure i have understood what solution you suggested me. How can i make a comparison between to signal. One which has already recorded on the board another one which it's spell at a moment by a user please. Junior
  9. Hi @jpeyron Thanks for your response. Let me remind you that my project aim is to make a voice-activated with the pmod Mic3. The solution that i find it's to make a memory with the differnet word that i have to recognize. And therefore when the user speak i make an autocorrelation of his voice signal with What i record in the board. Is that solution Will run? If yes, i need please to make a memory To record the 12bits output at the same Time that they are generate with an acquisition frequency of 1seconde. Thanks again for your response. Junior
  10. Hi @jpeyron Yes i'm talking about the project done by @hamster. I think it's just the noise that turn on the three first leds, because i were not talking in front of the microphone. In that case how can i reduce noice's power and make a signal processing.
  11. hi @jpeyron Thanks for your response, i try the example and i have got some question please. When i displayed the 12bits of MIC3's output on the board's led i notice that the 11th bit is always ON and it's the same for the three first bits and i don't understand why. Why i want to know that , it's because i have to make a signal processing of the MIC3's output in order to recognize a word. Thank you in advance for your answer. junior
  12. Junior_jessy


    Hello, I'm trying to make a voice-activated on a nesys4 and i want to use the pmodMic3.To do si, I want to use the SPI protocol but i don't know how. So how can i choose the SPI protocol ? Furthermore, I got some issues when filling in the constraint's file. On the web-site of Diligent, the pin2 is not connected but, the protocol SPI show the opposite. So how to Well connect the in/out of the peripheral to the board in the constraint's file? Thank you in advance for your answer. Junior