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  1. That is with the data buffered in a (4k) fifo. I suppose a larger fifo might help. I wrote a fifo interface for the pti similar to the dptidemo control but with a WISHBONE bus wrapper so the cpu could access it as a peripheral. If I put the thing in loopback mode it works like a charm. The cpu apparently can't empty the fifo fast enough. I set the transfer chunksize to a small value (16) and timeout large 1 minute. But it still times out. I thought the timeout was supposed to be per chunk transmitted, but it seems to be working like a total timeout.
  2. I would use the uart port except that I want that to connect to a gamepad. The transfer is so slow because of the PIO. An Intel hex downloader is being run and I didn't want to try that in hardware. I found where the transfer timeout could be set using Dmgr. I also shortened the file I was sending, so now the transfer completes. But I noticed that if DmgrDisable() / DmgrClose() is called too soon it truncates the transfer. It seems there is a success returned from DptiIO() before it’s actually finished the transfer and there is still data in the fifo which gets lost when the port is closed. I avoid this by having a message box appear in the transfer app, as long as okay isn’t hit on the message box the port remains open allowing the transfer to complete.
  3. Is there a way to increase the DPTI transfer timeout to more than 2 seconds? It's always timing out on my system which is quite slow as it's dumping received bytes to a display device (using software PIO) as it receives them. It can be hundreds of cycles between fifo reads. I tried setting the chunk size down to 32 bytes and that helped but things are still timing out.
  4. Hey thanks, I read through section 7 again. It wasn't clear that it talks about the PROG port. In the manual it's described as J13 but it's not labelled that way on the board. It's deducible though since the other port (J12) is called the serial port.
  5. I was just wondering if the PROG port on the Nexys Video can be used to transfer data to the FPGA after it's programmed?
  6. robfinch

    Game Pad

    I think there is no supply voltage supplied with the micro-usb connector. IIRC it's not shown on the schematic. The gamepad will need a supply so I think I'll use a usb-host to serial module I found on the web.
  7. robfinch

    Game Pad

    Would it be possible to use the micro-usb uart connection rather than a rs232 which takes a pmod port?
  8. robfinch

    Game Pad

    If I want to interface a (Logitech) game pad to a NexysVideo board what are my options ? Can the USB interface be used for this ?