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  1. still not working. I guess I have to upload a tcl script to upload files
  2. Still not working , b/w this is what is showing to me when I synthesys but I guess it shouldn*t affect , right?
  3. No , I used : Yes No Yes No model for qspi existing
  4. D:\Users\Arty-Z7-20_PmodOLEDrgb Here is a photo of the display that works on arduino , so the display is not faulty
  5. It*s a blank screen ...
  6. Looks like my SDK is not starting anymore for the attached project
  7. Yes there are no issues , but my display still not wokjin..
  8. It is to 50Mhz. I have attached the sdk code in the .txt file , tryed with some other code and still the same problem. And thank you for the welcome message.
  9. Hello. Last night I tryed implementing my Pmod OLEDrgb display to work with my arty z7 20. After hard and painfull fights with this board I finally programmed the .c code and run as debug. When I did this , there was no error but I couldn*t see anything on my display. Here are some photo of my project , hope helps! code-display.txt